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Uber Eats edits Superbowl ad after backlash over food allergy insensitivity

A star-studded ad for Uber Eats has sparked some controversy for downplaying the seriousness and legitimacy of food allergies. The ad, which stars Jennifer Anniston, David Schwimmer, Usher, Jelly Roll and David and Victoria Beckham, involves celebrities forgetting various topics (“Remember when you were a ‘Pepper Lady’?” Beckham asks in a rather intermediate version. on the oblivion of the group called The Spice Girls). The overall message is “don’t forget Uber Eats.”

The correlation with food allergies has to do with another character in the ad “forgetting” about their peanut allergy, which some research and activism groups believe downplays the severity of peanut allergies and many others similar. The man, who then breaks out in hives as his eyes close, says, “There are peanuts in peanut butter? Oh, that’s the main ingredient.”

Following the ad’s release, the Food Allergy Research & Education group released a statement on social media: “We are incredibly disappointed by @UberEats’ use of life-threatening food allergies as humor in their ad for the Super Bowl. The suffering of more than 33 million Americans with this disease is no joke. Life-threatening food allergy is a disease, not a diet. Enough is enough.”

In response to the backlash, Uber “did not release a statement but shared the edited version of the ad,” according to the BBC. FARE responded positively, thanking the company for its quick change. Uber “will air an alternate version of the spot without the peanut butter scene on the CBS television show, but does not currently plan to edit or remove the commercial previously posted online,” according to Variety.

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