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Tyson Fury looked drained at ringside as Daniel Dubois knocked out his cousin with a thunderous right hand

Tyson Fury was unmoved as he saw his cousin Nathan Gorman get knocked out by Daniel Dubois.

In 2019, the two young, undefeated heavyweights faced off for the British title – a belt that the Gypsy King himself had won eight years previously.

Dubois knocked out Gorman in the fifth round


Dubois knocked out Gorman in the fifth roundCredit: Getty Images-Getty

While Dubois was the higher-rated of the duo and favorite to win heading into the contest, Gorman had serious support.

This mainly came from Fury, who was fully behind his cousin to emerge victorious.

Gorman was 16-0 while Dubois was just 11-0.

However, Dubois had a knockout ratio of 91 percent compared to Gorman’s 75 percent.

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This proved to be the deciding factor in the fight itself.

“Obviously Nathan is my cousin, so I think Nathan is going to win,” Fury said in an interview that aired when TNT Sports aired behind-the-scenes footage from fight night.

Fury accompanied his cousin to the ring and sat ringside to soak in the action.

Dubois came out fast, throwing heavy shots from the opening bell and as the camera panned to Fury, he urged Gorman to continue but had a nervous look on his face.

Fury tried to entice his cousin to come from ringside...


Fury tried to entice his cousin to come from ringside…Credit: YouTube: TNT Sports Boxe
...but it was no use, and he looked drained by the end of the fight


…but it was no use, and he looked drained by the end of the fightCredit: YouTube: TNT Sports Boxe

In the third round, “Dynamite” Dubois showed why he has that nickname, hitting Gorman with a big right hand.

Fury stroked his chin, clearly not liking what he saw, but Gorman bravely managed to get up.

Gorman fought back, throwing wild combinations, but Dubois seemed relatively unfazed.

By the fifth round, Fury was out of his seat and yelling at his cousin to try to motivate him, but it was to no avail.

Moments later, Gorman was knocked out by a thunderous shot from Dubois.

“The Gypsy King” looked gutted by the result at ringside, but he made sure to get in the ring after the fight and show his respect to Dubois.

A few years later, Fury was full of praise for Dubois, saying he was treated harshly during his clash with Oleksandr Usyk last year.

Fury will of course face Usyk himself for the undisputed world heavyweight titles on May 18.

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