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Twenty years ago, Txakolina was largely unknown in the United States. But it has become more and more popular, and nowadays is not at all difficult to find, especially when the weather gets hot.

This month let’s try Txakolina (pronounced chock-oh-LEE-nah), or more precisely Getariako Txakolina, the larger Txakolina appellation centered around the town of Getaria, which is not coincidentally where I had this memorable lunch.

The three bottles that I recommend are:

Antxiola Getariako Txakolina 2020 (Polaner Selections, Mount Kisco, NY) $ 19

Ulacia Getariako Txakolina 2019 (Europvin United States, Van Nuys, CA) $ 20

Ameztoi Getariako Txakolina 2020 (From Maison Selections, Chapel Hill, NC) $ 22

Getariako Txakolinas, as I said, are generally slightly effervescent, but those from other appellations, Bizkaiko Txakolina and Arabako Txakolina, are not necessarily so. In addition, some pink Txakolinas have become popular in the United States. The red Txakolina also exists, but it is quite rare. These three are all white, but if you only find one rosé, no worries.

If you can’t find any of these bottles, I also recommend Rezabal, Berroja Berroia (a Bizkaiko Txakolina), Txomin, Doniene Gorrondona (also Bizkaiko Txakolina), Xarmant (Arabako Txakolina), Bengoetxe and Roca Altxerri. Look for the latest vintage you can find because in my experience the fresher the better.

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