Two offers for women’s national championship, any game

Readers can use the bet365 bonus code NYPNEWS for a choice between two introductory offers across all states from bet365 sports betting. For nine of Bet365’s states, not including North Carolina, here are the two welcome promotions available:

Safety net for first $1,000 bet

The safety net is first bet insurance up to a maximum of $1,000 in bonus bets. You can choose to bet more; However, if the bet loses, it will still only pay out a maximum of $1,000 in bonus bets.

This is a great promotion if you are looking to make a bigger bet or are looking for underdogs with more money. Otherwise, I would suggest the bet/get offer mentioned below.

This promotion requires a $10 deposit and a cash bet of any size on anything. If your bet is successful, you do not win a bonus, but you win money and keep the stake.

Bet $5, Get $150

The alternative offer requires a deposit of at least $10 and a wager of $5 at odds of -500 or higher. This means that a favorite money line at -750 would not be eligible, but a spread bet at -110 is acceptable.

Regardless of how the bet is settled, you earn the bonus solely from the bet. The $150 bonus bets are deposited within an hour of bet settlement and these funds last for seven days in your account.

Which games are eligible for bet365 promotions?

If you select the safety net, it is up to you to decide which games to bet on. Sunday evening there will be the national women’s basketball championship, the NBA, NHL and MLB clashes.

The bet/get promotion does not limit your game selection, but you will still need to adhere to the odds restriction of -500 or more. Generally, professional sports aren’t lopsided enough to have money lines outside of this range, but you’ll see odds that don’t qualify in college games.

bet365 bonus code NYPNEWS

Safety net for first $1,000 bet

The safety net makes sense if you make a larger bet, around $400 or more. Plus, since you’re covered in the event of a loss, you can make a bigger bet for the chance of getting a better payout if that happens.

Here’s how the safety net works:

Let’s say I make a $500 bet on a +500 bet on several games on Sunday.

A winning parlay pays out $2,500 and returns my $500 stake. My account balance is now $3,000 in cash that can be withdrawn or used on another bet.

Conversely, if one of the legs does not go the distance, bet365 deposits $500 in bonus bets within an hour of the bet settling. These bonus bets can be split between multiple bets and must be used within seven days.

Bet $5, Get $150

The main requirements of the bet/get promotion are: a deposit of $10, a wager of $5 and the bet must be at odds of -500 or more. Other than that, it’s up to you how to bet.

Let’s say I find a baseball moneyline of -200 and put $10 into it. This qualifies you for the promotion and can take place in two different ways.

  • If I win, I keep my $10 bet, I profit $5 and I win $150 in bonus bets
  • Even if the bet is missed, I win the $150 bonus

North Carolina Promotions

THE bet365 bonus code NYPNEWS is also valid in North Carolina and offers a choice of the following:

Safety net for first $1,000 bet — This is the same offer as all other locations

Bet $5, Get $200 — Offer works the same but NC bettors win $200 compared to $150 in other states

21+. Gambling problem? Call or text 1-800-GAMBLER. Deposit required. Bonus Bets winnings are added to the Bonus Bets balance. Bonus bet excluded from returns. Terms and conditions, deadlines and exclusions apply.

Must be 21 years and older and present in North Carolina. Full terms and conditions apply. A gaming problem? Call 877-718-5543 or visit

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