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Tucker Carlson slams vaccination campaign at same time Biden credits Fox

Fox News launched a new public service announcement on Wednesday to encourage viewers to get vaccinated against Covid-19. “America, we are in the same boat,” Steve Doocy said in the ad. “If you can, get vaccinated,” said Harris Faulkner.

It’s clear that Fox News management is proud of this PSA and want everyone to see it. Websites like The Hill have even written about it. But Fox’s top-rated host Tucker Carlson undermined the PSA barely an hour after it first aired. He even appeared to be interested in Fox’s decision to promote vaccines.

He did it by denigrating CNN: he said that “as a channel, CNN should not have a position on whether or not you should take medication, because it is a news channel. , it is not a health agency “. A little later he added: “Why does a news channel do this? Any news channel. A lot of them do it.”

Yes, including Fox. Yet Carlson opposes it. I’d like to know what Doocy and Faulkner think of Carlson’s reckless rhetoric …

“The exact opposite message”

On CNN, along with Carlson’s rant, President Biden was speaking at a town hall and giving Fox indirect credit for changing his rhetoric about vaccines.

“Any of those other networks isn’t a huge fan of mine, uh, one that you talk about a lot,” he said looking at moderator Don Lemon, “but if you notice, as they say in down south of my state, they had an altar call, some of these guys. All of a sudden they’re standing there saying, “Let’s get vaccinated. Let’s get vaccinated. ”The same people who before that said – so this – but this – I shouldn’t care. That’s good. That’s good. That’s good. We just have to. keep telling the truth. “

Yes, there has been a slight change in the tune of Fox, as I wrote in yesterday’s newsletter. I checked the TVEyes database to confirm this: Fox shows hooked up at least 7 times this week, having gone 6 weeks without mentioning the site at all. Either way, “that’s a good thing,” Anderson Cooper told CNN. His guest, Dr Peter Hotez, said the change “was clearly in the direction” of Fox management, after a “systematic effort to delegitimize scientists.”

Change is a welcome sign. But some of the media coverage has exaggerated the change. Fox’s top rated shows, starting with Carlson’s, always air anti-vax stories, as I described above. Immediately after mayor, CNN’s Dana Bash noted that on Fox “the exact opposite message was being sent while the president spoke on CNN.” You could say that Biden gave too much credit to the network …


– Lemon expertly moderated Wednesday’s event in Cincinnati and noted up front that the public was fully vaccinated …

– If you missed the telecast, you can watch it all here. Plus, Kevin Liptak has five takeaways … (CNN)
– During a city hall commercial, Biden engaged with the crowd and answered at least one question … (Twitter)
– Local corner of City Hall on “Biden touts infrastructure deal to ‘fix that damn bridge …'” (
–Donie O’Sullivan said he “registered on a QAnon forum” after Biden mentioned the conspiracy cult at mayoralty. “The discussion turned to the fact that the person on stage isn’t really Biden,” O’Sullivan wrote … (Twitter)

“The rest of the world is wondering about us”

Biden “has sounded the alarm on conspiracy theories flourishing in the United States and dividing the nation, warning that” the rest of the world is wondering about us, “” wrote CNN’s Paul LeBlanc. Biden said the United States needs to ‘go beyond this point’ after referring to the QAnon conspiracy theory and the role of disinformation. “

>> Key quote from Biden: Democracy “must stand up and demonstrate that it can do something …”

The ‘dozen of disinformation’ is overrated

Biden again slammed the so-called “disinformation dozen” during CNN’s mayoralty. The “dozen” were identified in a March report from the Center for Countering Digital Hate as anti-vaccine propaganda super-diffusers. “I said they were killing people. These 12 people – this misinformation – are going to kill people,” Biden said Wednesday night.
I took a close look at the accounts identified in the report and was disappointed. Since March, some have been banned in one way or another from one or another of Facebook’s platforms. Some have become silent. And others have learned to post in ways that reduce the risk of Facebook taking action against them. In other words, they tiptoe up to FB’s “line” without crossing it …

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