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Trump asks Supreme Court to postpone election interference trial, citing immunity – Press Enterprise


WASHINGTON — Former President Donald Trump is asking the Supreme Court to extend the deadline on his election interference trial, saying he is immune from prosecution over accusations he plotted to overturn his 2020 election defeat .

His lawyers filed an emergency appeal with the court Monday, just four days after the justices heard Trump’s separate plea to remain on the presidential ballot despite attempts to remove him due to his efforts after his defeat election in 2020.

“Without immunity from criminal prosecution, the presidency as we know it will cease to exist,” Trump’s lawyers wrote, repeating arguments that have so far failed in federal courts.

The filing puts on hold what would be a historic criminal trial against a former president while the nation’s highest court decides what to do. He met a deadline set by the federal appeals court in Washington to ask the justices to intervene when it rejected Trump’s requests for immunity and ruled that the trial could proceed.

The Supreme Court’s decision on how to proceed and how quickly it acts could determine whether the Republican presidential primary candidate faces trial in the case before the November election.

There is no timetable for the court to act, but special prosecutor Jack Smith’s team has pushed hard for the trial to take place this year. Meanwhile, Trump has repeatedly sought to delay the matter. If Trump were to defeat President Joe Biden, he could potentially try to use his position as head of the executive branch to order a new attorney general to dismiss federal cases he faces or even seek clemency.

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