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Travis Kelce’s ex Kayla Nicole slams Taylor Swift fans for abuse ahead of ‘Tortured Poets Department’ release… amid rumors one of the songs is about the Chiefs tight end: “Everyone has a breaking point.”

  • Nicole asked Swift fans to leave her alone before album release
  • Leaks have led some to believe that one of the songs on the album is about Kelce.
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As rumors swirl that Taylor Swift wrote a song about Travis Kelce and included it in her upcoming album, Kelce’s ex-girlfriend is clapping back at Swifties attacking her.

Social media influencer Kayla Nicole posted on social media ahead of the release of Swift’s upcoming album, “The Tortured Poets Department.”

“I’m not causing any problems. Mind my business. Never respond to the constant vitriol,” Nicole, 32, tweeted on Thursday.

“Solid as they come in and don’t expect a pat on the back either. Just know that everyone has a breaking point and I would love it if “y’all” (because you know exactly who you are) would leave me alone.

A number of Swift’s fans blasted Nicole in comments and other tweets after she appeared to “throw shade” at the musician ahead of the album’s release on Friday.

Travis Kelce’s ex Kayla Nicole clapped back at Swifties who attacked her online

After Swift's New Album Leaks, Song Is About Travis Kelce

After Swift’s New Album Leaks, Song Is About Travis Kelce

Some Swifties managed to get an early listen thanks to a leak of the album and some believe at least one song is about Kelce.

“The Alchemy” apparently contains multiple references that fans have interpreted to be Kansas City Chiefs star Kelce.

One fan took to above”

Another said: “There’s a nice surprise: The Alchemy is about Travis!

“References to touchdowns, teammates, trophies and how they had an instant connection that they couldn’t resist.”

Another fan responded to a larger discussion about the record by saying, “I also think the chemistry is about Travis. It fits perfectly.

Speaking about the upcoming release in February, while preparing for the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, Kelce said he heard some of the songs from Swift’s latest release.

“I’ve heard some of it and yes, it’s incredible,” he told reporters. “I can’t wait for her to turn the world upside down when it finally falls.”

Swift and Kelce's romance was the talk of the NFL last season, leading up to the Super Bowl

Swift and Kelce’s romance was the talk of the NFL last season, leading up to the Super Bowl

The couple went public last September, when the singer visited Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City to watch Travis and the Chiefs beat the Chicago Bears.

Swift, 34, appeared in 13 Chiefs games in total, including the Super Bowl in Vegas, where she returned from Tokyo, Japan, to watch Kelce win football’s ultimate prize for the third time.

He is expected to join her if possible for several of her upcoming European tour dates. The four-month journey begins next month in Paris.

After winning the Super Bowl, Kelce traveled to Australia and Singapore to see Swift perform as her Eras tour went global.

It remains to be seen whether Swift incorporates new material on the European tour and whether Kelce receives more direct shout-outs from her.

She once changed the lyrics of her song “Karma” to refer to “the Chiefs guy coming home to me.”

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