Tornado reported in North Texas

NORTH TEXAS – A tornado warning is in effect for parts of Collin County and for Hunt and Fannin counties.

A tornado has been confirmed, according to CBS News Texas meteorologist Jeff Ray. It is about to cross I-75 near the towns of Anna and Melissa.

Meanwhile, the tornado watch may have expired at 9 p.m. for our western counties.

Storms mostly stayed out of the Metroplex Saturday.

On Saturday, the dew point at DFW Airport reached 79°, which could have broken a record for the month of May. It’s just amazing humid air. These dew points will begin to drop Sunday morning.

On Sunday, the dry line will move east to the Metroplex. Most of us will be in very dry air, so the heat index will stay very close to the actual temperature. The problem is that the actual temperature will be close to a record high. DFW is expected to reach 98°, our hottest day of the year so far.

NOT ALL of North Texas will escape the humidity. There is a HEAT ADVISORY for our southern counties on Sunday (continuing from today). Feeling temperatures will be around 105 in the afternoon. Be careful in this kind of heat, make sure you take frequent breaks when you’re outside, and drink plenty of water throughout the day.


The threat of tornadoes continues to exist in counties west of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

A tornado was reported in Windthorst in Archer County near Wichita Falls, according to CBS News Texas storm chaser Jason McLaughlin.

Windthorst Texas Tornado 05/24/2024 by
Jason McLaughlin on Youtube

Other counties west of DFW continue to face tornado threats.

In Dallas-Fort Worth, a serious weather threat still exists.

The atmosphere is heavy with humidity. The heat index was over 100 degrees when it was only in the 90s. The dew point is in the upper 70s. That’s about the maximum possible.

Tornado watches were issued a few hours ago for our western counties. Around 3:40 p.m., we were receiving tornado warnings in the west. Every storm that developed turned into a severe storm.

We expect the dryline to continue pushing these storms east toward the Metroplex as the day ends. The tornado threat is expected to diminish, but the threat of hail and damaging wind will remain very high. Attention everyone at Colonial.

We could have another round of non-severe storms overnight due to development in our southwest.

We expect a SEC Sunday and Memorial Day. The hottest day of the year so far is expected tomorrow, by one degree, tying a record. The dry line will push very dry air across most of North Texas. We won’t have to worry about a triple-digit heat index in the afternoon. It will be cooler with the dry air on Memorial Day. The best day of the holiday weekend!

Sunday and Monday appear to be the ONLY storm-free days in the coming week. The unsettled weather of spring 2024 extends into the very end of spring and the first day of summer.

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