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TikTok’s Favorite Electric Scrubber Has Never Been Cheaper at Amazon: Save 70%



If you’re like us, you may have discovered electric purifiers on Tic Tac. The revolutionary gadgets are said to reduce the time, energy and effort needed to manually scrub harder-to-reach surfaces, like your bathroom shower or tub.

One of the most posted electric spin scrubbers on TikTok, the Voweek Cordless Electric Spin Scrubber, is regularly priced at $100. But now Amazon Prime Members You can buy it for just $30, a total savings of 70%.

This is the lowest price we’ve ever seen for the viral TikTok scrub brush, so be sure to take advantage of this incredible deal while you can.

Not only is this spring cleaning tool popular on Amazon, but it is also a CBS Essentials Bestseller. In fact, it’s our bestseller of 2024 so far.

Voweek Electric Scrubber: $30 (Save 70%)



The Voweek electric scrubber allows you to clean the surfaces of your home more easily and efficiently. The rotary scrubber comes with four brush heads, including a small and large flat brush, a dome brush and a corner brush, the latter of which is ideal for scrubbing around your baseboards as well as your bathroom base.

What also helps with accessing hard-to-reach places is the scrubber’s adjustable base, which can be extended up to 3.5 feet, and the scrubbing head that can be rotated to three different angles. These will give you the ability to scrub high and low in your home, from the bottom of the bathtub to the molding that lines your ceilings. The purifier can last up to an hour and a half on a single charge.

The Voweek electric scrubber has a 4.3 star rating on Amazon. One reviewer says: “As a senior, this makes cleaning the bathroom easier and saves time. I love that. »

Another reviewer says: “I love this item! I love cleaning, but there are a few tasks I hate doing: cleaning showers and baseboards. This tool makes these tasks much easier and faster! Quick to load and I love how it can fold. make cleaning even easier.

Another verified customer said the rotary scrubber removed decades of soap scum buildup in his shower. “I don’t do a lot of reviews, but I went out of my way to post this one. It’s a great scrubber. I used it to remove about 20 years of soap scum built up in my shower. I thought my shower stall was supposed to be a light yellow color No, it’s not at all Now it’s bright white and super clean, I didn’t need it at all. to bend over.

The Voweek electric scrubber is available in five colors: white, purple, blue, green and gray. Price varies depending on color.

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