TikTokers Tyler Bergantino and Gabby Gonzalez are officially dating

TikTokers Pookie and Jett Puckett announce they are expecting their first baby together

Tyler Bergantino And Gabby Gonzalez subscribe to their romance.

The TikTokers, whose meeting went viral on the platform earlier this month, revealed that they are now dating.

“The way this all happened seems miraculous,” the couple said. People in a press release dated June 25. “It’s changed the way we view social media, and the support we receive for just being ourselves is heartwarming.”

Tyler, 30, and Gabby, 21, also hinted that they plan to continue showing fans glimpses of their budding relationship, saying that “it’s like a dream to be able to document our adventures with each other each other and to bring us closer together through this experience.”

They added: “So, thank you to everyone who still believes in love. »

The couple’s romance first caught fans’ attention when Tyler interviewed Gabby, who is 6ft 1in, about her ideal height for a man, to which she responded 6ft 9in , Tyler’s real size.


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