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TikTok Investigates Alleged Transfer of Personal Data to China and Child Safety |  Scientific and technological news

TikTok is under investigation by the Irish Data Protection Commission – which leads EU regulation in the company – amid fears that user data is being transferred to China and over its approach child safety.

In announcing the decision, the DPC said it would review TikTok compliance with European data regulations for under 18s and age verification measures for under 13s.

A second survey “will focus on transfers by TikTok of personal data to China“, added the DPC.

The video-sharing app has been described as a potential national security risk by White House officials during the Trump administration, although in June President Biden reversed the plans of his predecessor to ban its downloading in the United States.

Mr. Biden’s new executive order read: “By operating on United States information and communications technology devices …

“This data collection threatens to provide foreign adversaries with access to this information. Access by foreign adversaries to large data repositories of American people also poses a significant risk.”

TikTok and the Chinese app WeChat have denied the claim they pose national security concerns.

The Biden administration said a separate US national security review of TikTok, which launched in late 2019, is underway.

TikTok’s parent company ByteDance has repeatedly denied moving user data to China and sharing that data with the Chinese government.

The app is estimated to have over 100 million users in the US and another 100 million users in the EU.

A company spokesperson told Sky News, “The privacy and security of the TikTok community, especially our younger members, is a top priority.

“We have extensive policies and controls in place to protect user data and rely on approved methods for transferring data from Europe, such as standard contractual clauses. We intend to cooperate fully with the DPC. “