Three arrested after feds raid NYC home of alleged gun-toting, drug-dealing migrant squatters

Federal agents arrested three people during a raid Wednesday at the home of a group of armed, drug-dealing migrant squatters in the Bronx, as immigration authorities moved to deport one of the group’s members. the crew arrested in the problematic house.

The Homeland Security raid came a day after the Post reported on the chaos the squatters had caused since they took over the multi-family dwelling and before eight migrants were arrested on weapons charges shootings and drugs last week.

Federal agents raided the Bronx home where migrant squatters were living and allegedly selling drugs. Matthew McDermott
Three people were arrested during the raid. Matthew McDermott
Federal agents lead woman out of Hull Avenue home. Matthew McDermott
Eight migrants were arrested last week for drug and firearms trafficking at their homes. Matthew McDermott

A Post reporter saw nearly a dozen officers leading a handcuffed man and woman — both speaking Spanish — out Wednesday afternoon.

The third suspect, another man, remained silent as officers escorted him to their vehicles.

Interior of Bronx home raided by Homeland Security agents. Matthew McDermott
Neighbors told the Post that the squatters kept the neighborhood up late at night with their noisy motorcycles. Matthew McDermott
Neighbors saw the squatters selling drugs in the yard. Matthew McDermott

A spokesperson for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency confirmed the searches, but did not provide specific information on what agents were looking for.

Meanwhile, the man arrested on gun charges last week came home and told the Post he planned to move out.

“I’m moving,” said Hector Desousa-Villalta, 24. “They tricked me into living there.”

Surveillance footage of migrant squatters arrested last week in the Bronx.
Six of the eight migrants were released without bail.
Guns, drugs found in Bronx home.
Suspected shooter Hector Desousa-Villalta is on supervised release. Obtained by NY Post
Jefferson Orlando Abreau was released on his own recognizance. Obtained by NY Post

Desousa-Villalta – along with five of the eight migrants arrested last week – was released after his indictment on weapons and drug charges.

Two others – Javier Alborno and Miguel Vaamondes-Barrios – were held on bail after their hearings.

New York Post

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