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Thousands of demonstrators in the streets against the health pass – France

In Paris, where four processions were to walk the streets, a few thousand people, including many yellow vests, demonstrated between the Gare de Lyon (12th arrondissement) and the Sacré Coeur (18th arrondissement), while others responded to the appeal of Florian Philippot (far right) in the more affluent west.

In total, between 60,000 and 80,000 people were to mobilize through 185 processions throughout France, marking a sharp decline compared to the start of the movement, which began in mid-July.

“I am demonstrating against Macron and his liberticidal measures. Me, I am not vaccinated, I do not have confidence, but I will perhaps be obliged if the tests become paying “, related Tristan, retiree of 72 years,” yellow vest of the first hour “, in the Parisian demonstration .

In the procession, according to an AFP journalist, a man disguised as Jesus Christ carried a cross in the form of rails on which was written “Halt pass” as well as “Arbeit Macht Frei” (Work makes free), an inscription which appeared at the entrance to Nazi concentration and extermination camps.

In Marseille, some 800 demonstrators, according to the prefecture, marched through the city center from the Old Port. This is the lowest participation for these demonstrations against the health pass in the Marseille city since the first episode of this movement, on July 17. A week ago, there were still 1,500 demonstrators, up from 6,000 in August.

“Unacceptable blackmail” on the part of the government

Mobilization was also down in Nantes (1,100) and Rennes (650).

In Bordeaux, more than a thousand people marched, according to the police – against nearly 3,000 at the beginning of the month – behind a giant banner “Liberty, truth, sovereignty”.

For Aurore Laurent, a 24-year-old saleswoman, the application of the health pass is akin to “unacceptable blackmail” on the part of the government, for a result that “does not work, as we see in Israel, where many vaccinated transmit the virus ”.

According to figures communicated by the prefectures, 2,000 people demonstrated in Montpellier, 1,200 in Strasbourg, a thousand in Lyon, 950 in Metz, 900 in Lille (against 2,100 last week) and 650 in Nancy.

In Reims, the prefecture counted 650 demonstrators. According to France Bleu, the singer Francis Lalanne took the head of the procession there.

A bill to extend the health pass beyond November 15 will be presented on October 13 in the Council of Ministers.

This pass became mandatory on July 21 in places accommodating more than 50 people. It was then extended to hospitals except emergencies, bars and restaurants, large shopping centers by prefectural decision and on August 30 to 1.8 million employees in contact with the public.

On September 30, it is to be extended to 12-17 year olds.

This new day of mobilization comes as more than 50 million French people have received at least one injection of the vaccine and the decline in covid-19 patients continues in France: Friday 8,107 people were hospitalized against more than 9,000, a week ago. Of these patients, 1,586 were in intensive care.

The government announced on Wednesday the lifting, from October 4, of the obligation to wear a mask in primary school in the departments least affected by the covid-19 epidemic.