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He had studied German, taught by Reverend Earl Behr, at Holly Hill High School.

When Simons was a student there, she was also one of Behr’s German students.

In addition, Behr was his pastor at the First Baptist Church in Holly Hill.

“We had a really good time talking about it,” she said.

Over time, and Lewis’s only functioning kidney began to fail, she asked him if he had been able to find a donor.

“And I remember that day, leaving my office and coming home, I thought about Chris and I thought about his situation,” Simons said.

“And the thought came to me, ‘I have two kidneys and this guy needs one and I don’t need one,’ she said.

As she continued to walk home, she became more excited at the thought of the possibility that she could give Lewis a chance, simply by giving him one of her kidneys.

When she got home she said to her husband, “James, I need to tell you something. I think about it and it’s just a thought and I know it sounds crazy, but I met this guy who needs a kidney and I have two. I really have the impression that I was called to go and investigate this.

Her husband looked at her and said, “Connie, if you’re feeling this it’s God, then you have my full support.


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