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These are the improvements we expect in the Apple Vision Pro 2

It’s the most anticipated gadget of 2024. One of the revolutions that only a company like Apple could achieve. Tim Cook’s mixed reality (VR and AR) glasses promise to be a paradigm shift in the way we interact with technology.

Now, a few days before their launchrumors and leaks started about what Apple could do next for its mixed reality glasses.

According to market research company Omdia (MacRumors), the Apple Vision Pro 2 will receive brighter and more efficient screens than the current model. They are also said to use more advanced micro-OLED technology.

New panels to improve image and efficiency

Apparently, this will be due to the move to a standard called RGB OLEDoS, which produces light and color directly from its RGB subpixels.

Samsung should be the manufacturer that produces the necessary panelsand don’t worry about the price, you have time to save: Apple Vision Pro 2 is rumored to launch in 2027.

What do we know about Apple Vision Pro

Although they are not yet available to consumers, they were introduced in a big way in June. We know that they will have a starting price of $3,499, which equates to around €2,755, although their international price has not yet been confirmed.

They are capable of displaying 3D and 2D videos and other digital elements on virtual screens, and can also be used for video conferences. It could become a powerful tool for both productivity and digital entertainment.

Since Apple announced the device, we’ve seen hints of how it might be sold in stores, and the latest rumors suggest it will be available for purchase in early February. After this, it is expected to become one of the hottest tech topics of 2024.

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