The world’s most dangerous cheese is served covered in jumping maggots

Cheese is a wonderful food. It’s an essential part of many meals, including some of my personal favorites. But not all cheeses are good. In fact, some of them are downright terrifying, even dangerous. enter casu marzu, the most dangerous cheese in the world. What makes this cheese so dangerous, you ask? Well, this cheese is made with the help of the larvae of the cheese fly, Piophila caseiand they are still alive and in the cheese when people eat it.

Casu marzu is made in Sardinia, and this delicacy is considered so dangerous that it is actually banned in many places, including Italy itself. Even looking at photos of the cheese is somewhat nauseating, because the maggots that help create the cheese are spread throughout the interior. They are also extremely active and are capable of jumping up to 15 centimeters in the air.

The main reason casu marzu is considered the most dangerous cheese in the world is because eating cheese—even if you somehow get rid of most of the maggots in the cheese on your plate—you could still end up getting infected with intestinal myiasis. This is basically when the maggots congregate and live in your digestive system.

The world’s most dangerous cheese is served covered in jumping maggots
Casu marzu. You can see the maggots that help make the cheese inside and on the plate next to the wheel of cheese. Image source: Ballylocci / Adobe

This is a very dangerous problem, and when patients are infected with this disease, it can lead to abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. Some infected patients may even be asymptomatic, meaning they won’t know they have maggots living outside their digestive tract because they won’t show any signs of infection.

A little crazy, right? Although it is considered the most dangerous cheese in the world, casu marzu is also an extremely delicacy, enjoyed for thousands of years in Sardinia. Some even said they didn’t notice the maggots at all when eating them. I find this hard to believe, considering the way they jump around, but maybe these people were lucky.

Either way, I don’t think I’ll want to try casu marzu anytime soon. In fact, I would rather forget that this terribly disgusting cheese exists. But since the brain doesn’t really work that way, I’ll have to live with the knowledge that someone is probably eating cheese full of live maggots somewhere every day. I guess at least it doesn’t drive anything to extinction like frog legs are.

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