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The Windows PC is about to get GOOD, and you can thank Windows on Arm for that

On Monday, Microsoft will unveil its vision for a new era of Windows PCs, comprised of Qualcomm’s new Arm-based silicon and combined with next-generation AI experiences that will give rise to new Windows devices that are always aware of what you’re doing . do, capable of translating languages ​​in real time, enhancing your webcam with artificial lighting and filters, artificially increasing gaming performance, and generating text and images on the device.

This combination of hardware and software is something Microsoft has been working on since early 2021, after holding an all-hands meeting with Windows and Surface executives to discuss how it was going to respond to Apple Silicon. The company discussed a project called CADMUS, the goals of which were to bring to market a new era of high-performance, efficient, AI-capable Windows devices.

News Source : www.windowscentral.com
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