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The unwritten rules of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s Indigo Disk DLC explained

Strong points

  • Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Indigo Disk DLC provides a significant amount of content, surpassing the previous DLC version.
  • Blueberry Academy in the Unova region is a combat hub that offers good opportunities to get started with IV training.
  • The DLC also introduces new monsters that can be collected both at Blueberry Academy and in previous parts of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Pokémon Scarlet and PurpleThe Indigo Disk DLC has been available for about two weeks now, and players seem to be discovering new things about it daily. When it comes to the amount of content, it certainly surpassed what The Teal Mask (the first part of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple DLC) provided to the community. Most recent Pokémon The titles have been controversial releases, but the second and final part of the game’s DLC has given fans hours of additional gameplay beyond just the Paldea region. Despite what appears to be available at first glance, there are a multitude of unwritten rules to follow to obtain the ideal Indigo disc. experience.

Fans of the fifth generation of were pleased to see that the Indigo Disk DLC takes the player back to Pokémon Black and Whitein the Unova region, located at a school known as Blueberry Academy. It continues the story introduced to the country of Kitakami during The Teal Mask., as familiar faces such as Kieran, Carmine, Perrin and more return.

Come to Blueberry Academy prepared for battle

The emphasis is on fighting at Blueberry Academy, and the trainers are significantly stronger here than in Paldea or Kitakami. Additionally, all battles that take place are double battles. This was a fairly unexpected feature, as dual battles haven’t been primarily featured in the series since. Pokémon Colosseum And Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness on the Nintendo GameCube. It is also the official battle format of the Pokémon Video Game Championships.


Returning Pokémon tier list from Pokémon Scarlet and Indigo Violet discs

With over 100 recurring creatures in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Indigo Disk, some stand out as clear favorites while others are largely forgettable.

The perfect opportunity to start playing competitively

In the past, it was notoriously difficult for casuals Pokémon players to enter the competitive scene. This is mainly due to the correction of the individual values ​​(IV) of a captured Pokémon. IVs are like a Pokémon’s genetic makeup and dictate the level of its stats. This is essential for competitive play, as it was incredibly tedious to find a perfect pocket monster for the biggest stage. From Pokémon Sun and Moon, However, developer Game Freak eventually allowed players to maximize their stats with the Bottle Cap item, making competitive play immensely more accessible.

Scarlet and violet introduced the Terastal Phenomenon, a mechanic allowing players to change the type of their Pokémon once per battle. When this gadget was first revealed, fans immediately wondered how Tera-types could be modified. It turns out that trainers need to collect 50 Tera Shards of a specific type, which are mostly found during raids that only reward about two to four per battle. The monotony of preparing a team ready for competition has given tons of veteran players flashbacks to old times. Luckily, the Blueberry Academy terrarium is filled with tons of Tera Shards that can simply be found as items from around the world.

A surprise at the top of the terrarium

On that note, a crucial unwritten rule of The Indigo Disk is at the very top of the massive ball that dominates the terrarium. As Koraidon and Miraidon are now able to fly freely thanks to Amarys of the Blueberry Academy Elite Four, climbing to the top of the terrarium will reward players with the following:

  • A gold bottle cap, which maximizes a Pokémon’s six IVs.
  • An Ability Patch, an incredibly rare item that allows players to access their Pokémon’s hidden ability.
  • 50 Stellar Tera Shards, which immediately allow players to change a Pokémon’s Tera type to the newly introduced Stellar type.

A secret ending in the land of Kitakami


Despite the onslaught of criticism Scarlet and violet received upon release, one aspect of the games that was praised was its rich story. The characters are noticeably more nuanced and developed in these titles, and the themes explored are a bit darker than what the series is normally known for.

The teal mask, which features the country of Kitakami, continues the story explored in the base games. The Terastal phenomenon is still studied in depth here, and The Indigo disc provides a satisfying conclusion in which the player catches a certain legendary Pokémon known as the Hidden Treasure of Zone Zero, the namesake of Scarlet and Violet DLC. At the risk of further spoilers, just know that Kitakami’s Crystal Pool may be worth a visit, even after completing The Indigo Disk.

Perrin should not be overlooked


Scarlet and violet introduced Paradox Pokemon, which resembles past and future parents of existing Pokemon. The Indigo Disk DLC went further and introduced Paradox Pokemon which parallels the legendary beasts of Johto to Scarlet, and the swords of justice of Unova for Purple. Catching these creatures is no easy task, however.

Perrin returns from Kitakami

First, trainers will need to speak to Perrin, who can be found in the terrarium in Rest Area 1 of the Savannah biome. She will claim to have information to share, but only once players have at least 200 Pokémon registered in the Blueberry Pokedex.

She will show the player two photographs. In Scarlet, the photos will contain figures of Pokémon that resemble Raikou and Entei’s former relatives. In Purple, the photos will contain what appear to be futuristic relatives of Terrakion and Cobalion. More importantly, it seems that the Paradox creatures have appeared in Paldea’s Zero Zone. They will then be available to fight and catch whenever players get there.

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Pokémon Scarlet and Purple

November 18, 2022

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