The Steam Summer Sale is here with a special set of “deep discounts” of 90% on 22 “all-time greats,” including the real GOAT: American Truck Simulator

The Steam Summer Sale is here with the usual wave of discounts across the platform’s entire catalog, but this time Valve has something a little special: a curated selection of 22 “all-time greats” which benefit from 90% discounts and a special promotion page.

Steam’s Featured Deep Discounts page highlights “particularly good deals on some of the greatest of all time,” as Valve puts it. It’s admittedly a deeply weird list. I mean, sure, people seem to love Ghost Recon Wildlands ($4.99) these days, but is it really a must-have? What about Humankind ($4.99), the 4X strategy game that received a mixed reception from fans of the genre? And why is Batman: Arkham Knight ($1.99) here rather than the other, more beloved entries in the trilogy?

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