The Shade of the Erdtree Easier for the Whiner

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THE Ancient Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtreehas been out for almost a week and is receiving mixed reviews. Not because it’s bad, but because it’s hard. Developer FromSoftware has heard the cries of those who can’t stand the game’s difficulty and has added a new update to make it a little easier for the whiners.

THE calibration update 1.12.2 went live on Wednesday and will affect the new mechanic added to the DLC called Shadow Realm Blessing. The Blessing system gives players a bonus to their attacks and reduces the damage they take, and the update will boost these numbers to help players.

In Shadow of the Erdtree, players upgrade their blessings by finding Scadutree fragments. These fragments are scattered throughout the game and are used to increase Scadutree’s Blessing, which improves the player’s offensive and defensive stats. The new blessing system also strengthens the summons available to players, known as Spirit Ashes. Players can also find Revered Spirit Ashes throughout the Shadow Realm, and their summons can do even more damage.

So why does a developer like FromSoftware, who deliberately makes their games difficult, now decide to create Shadow of the Erdtree a little easier? Well, that’s because players were complaining about it.

Review scores for Shadow of the Erdtree fell to “Mixed” on Steam, meaning there was a balance of positive and negative reviews. This happened just days after launch, with a mix of people offering fair criticism about the game’s performance on their PC and others complaining that the game was too difficult. Even top streamers on Twitch said it was too hard.

FromSoftware is no stranger to rebalancing its games because early on, certain mechanics don’t work as expected. However, by improving Blessing of the Shadow Realm, the developer is showing players some mercy this time around.

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