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The Samsung Odyssey G80SD 4K 240Hz 32-inch OLED Gaming Monitor is finally available, and it comes with a bonus $300 Best Buy gift card

Samsung just released its first-ever 32″ 4K OLED gaming monitor. The Samsung Odyssey G80SD 32″ 4K OLED 2024 gaming monitor currently retails for $1,299.99, but Best Buy is offering a $300 bonus gift card at purchase, which essentially drops the price to $999.99. . This is one of the very few 32-inch 4K OLED monitors on the market and one of the best OLED gaming monitors on the market.

Samsung Odyssey G8 4K 240Hz 32″ OLED QD Gaming Monitor with Bonus $300 Best Buy Gift Card for $1,299.99

32" Samsung Odyssey G80SD 4K 240Hz QD OLED Gaming Monitor with Bonus $300 Best Buy Gift Card

Samsung Odyssey G80SD 4K 240Hz QD OLED 32″ Gaming Monitor with Bonus $300 Best Buy Gift Card

Samsung’s 32″ 4K QD OLED 240Hz panel was first revealed at CES 2024. Other brands (like Alienware) released monitors using this panel earlier in the year, but this is the first time we’ve seen one directly from Samsung The Samsung Odyssey G80SD is equipped with a quantum dot OLED panel, or “QD”, OLED panels are brighter and deliver richer colors than traditional OLED panels without losing the Incredible black levels and the near-instant response time that OLEDs are known for. The G80SD offers a 0.03ms response time and it’s one of the few 240Hz OLED gaming monitors. It also features. a factory-calibrated DCI-P3 color gamut and HDR10 support, it has two HDMI 2.1 ports and one DisplayPort Port 1.4, all capable of 4K up to 240 Hz.

To combat OLED burn-in, Samsung has integrated a heat pipe cooling system to draw heat away from the panel itself and dissipate it more efficiently. We’ve never seen a cooling system specifically designed to combat burn-in, and the G80SD might be the first monitor to offer it.

Unlike most other OLED gaming “monitors,” the G80SD has smart apps built in that allow it to act as a regular TV as well as a gaming monitor.

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