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The Russian offensive will not succeed – POLITICO

Cavoli’s assessment comes from “very close contacts with our Ukrainian colleagues, and I am convinced that they will hold up,” he added.

Despite Russian pressure on the front line with Ukraine and the recent launch of an attack near Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second city, Cavoli said he was uncertain whether it was a full-scale summer offensive. Moscow scale.

“What we don’t see is a lot of reserves being generated somewhere,” he said.

Cavoli added that it is unclear whether Russia’s efforts are running out of gas. “It takes a little time to know whether an offensive is stopped or not,” he said.

Meanwhile, following the US Congress’ agreement on a $61 billion military aid package for kyiv after months of delay, the Ukrainians are “currently receiving large quantities of munitions, large quantities of systems short-range air defense and significant quantities of armored vehicles. ,” he said.

Even though Russia failed in its attempt to overwhelm Ukraine, it should not be underestimated. In more than two years of fighting, Russia has improved in areas such as logistics and industrial production “where it is advancing faster than we are in Europe and North America,” said Admiral Rob Bauer, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee. during the same press conference.

News Source : www.politico.eu
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