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The Ravens can win the AFC North tonight, and all divisions can be won on Sunday

Two divisions have already been won, a third may be won tonight, and when Sunday afternoon’s games are completed, all eight division winners may have been crowned.

Yes, it’s possible there won’t be a single division title on the line for the final week of the regular season.

The 49ers have already clinched the NFC West and the Lions have already clinched the NFC North. These two divisions are therefore filled.

The Ravens can win the AFC North tonight, if the Browns lose to the Jets.

The Dolphins would win the AFC East if they beat the Ravens on Sunday.

The Chiefs would win the AFC West if they beat the Bengals on Sunday.

The Jaguars would win the AFC South if they beat the Panthers, the Texans lose to the Titans and the Colts lose to the Raiders on Sunday.

The Eagles would win the NFC East if the Cowboys lose to the Lions on Saturday and the Eagles beat the Cardinals on Sunday.

And the Buccaneers would win the NFC South if they beat the Saints on Sunday.

If this is how Week 17 goes, Week 18 will have no division titles alive. But that doesn’t mean the best teams rest their starters in the last game of the season. In the above scenario, the No. 1 seed would not be clinched in either conference (the Ravens and Dolphins would both be contenders in the AFC, while the 49ers, Lions and Eagles would all be competing in the NFC). And several wild card places would still be up for grabs. Week 18 will therefore still be full of intrigue, even if week 17 marks the end of the eight division races.

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