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The powerful Warzone RAM-7 loadout literally has no recoil

John Esposito

CoD YouTuber Metaphor continues to break Warzone, this time with an insane version of RAM-7 offering zero knockback that will melt enemies in seconds.

MW3’s highly anticipated integration with Warzone headlined Season 1, with over 30 weapons added to the battle royale. Many of MW3’s multiplayer plays as expected, with the DG-56 and BAS-B destroying the competition.

Besides the expected integration, a new battle pass has joined the fold, introducing a new chapter of BlackCell cosmetics and weapons. The RAM-7 is one of the new weapons, and as more players get their hands on it, the more popular it becomes.

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And one well-known Warzone player found an unpleasant build for the RAM-7, featuring laser-like recoil.

The “recoilless” RAM-7 version of Metaphor

For those who don’t know, Metaphor is a well-known presence in the Warzone community, as a content creator for Toronto Ultra. He’s spent a lot of time putting together Warzone meta builds, like this MCW build that converts it to an SMG.

His latest invention is this RAM-7 version with almost no recoil, which he shared in a YouTube video on his channel. A few players screenshotted the build and tested it, with one sharing their results on the CODWarzone subreddit.

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Here are all the attachments you’ll need for this RAM-7 build, along with a clip that demonstrates the power of the build:

  • Muzzle: Casus brake
  • Barrel: Cronen Headwind Long Canon
  • Action: HVS 3.4 block
  • Review: 60-round magazine
  • Under the gun: Bruen heavy support handle

Sure enough, the clip shows the weapon fusion training dummies, and the weapon barely moves as it does. Of course, the downside is that the RAM-7’s iron sight is a bit iffy, and no suppressor floats everyone’s boat.

Make sure to get on the RAM-7 train while you can, because sooner or later a nerf might slip through the cracks, giving Metaphor’s build a little more pushback.

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