The Patriots should not play Drake Maye as a rookie

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“This team is nowhere near being able to support a rookie quarterback and facilitate his entry into the NFL, let alone win.”

The Patriots should not play Drake Maye as a rookie

Drake Maye after being greeted at Gillette Stadium following his selection by the Patriots in the NFL Draft. AP Photo/Charles Krupa

Expectations for Drake Maye in Year One: After picking a quarterback third overall in the NFL Draft, could the Patriots actually bench him for an entire season?

That’s apparently the opinion of NFL analyst (and former quarterback) Dan Orlovsky, who laid out the case for Drake Maye during his rookie season during a Monday morning appearance on ESPN.Get up!

“I expect Drake Maye to not play a significant snap this season,” Orlovsky explained. “First, Drake Maye threw 1,000 balls in college over the last two football seasons. He has a ton of football reps. Number two, this team is nowhere near being able to support a rookie quarterback and ease his way into the NFL, let alone win.

New England added several wide receivers and used the team’s first five picks on offense. Still, the Patriots will have a lot of questions (especially on the offensive line).

The age-old debate over how to develop a rookie quarterback can vary widely. While there are examples of players who found success as rookies, players like Patrick Mahomes and Carson Palmer represent cases in which quarterbacks continued to thrive after not playing in their first seasons.

“I would sit Drake Maye down and allow him to develop,” Orlovsky said. “I would not want to waste this young man’s tremendous physical talent.”

Maye, 21, is considered by scouts to be an incredibly gifted quarterback. Yet, as draft analysts including Bill Belichick have noted, he is far from developed in terms of his ability to read coverages (along with several other issues).

Longtime ESPN NFL Draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr. agreed with Orlovsky’s point of view, although he strongly approved of the Patriots’ decision to select Maye (considering it from a perspective long-term).

“No doubt about it. There’s no doubt they made the right choice,” Kiper said. “This kid has tremendous potential, tremendous talent. He just needs to sit down. He obviously needs to accelerate this delivery, which is no problem. He showed it.

“And I think they will improve the talent around him,” Kiper added, “that personnel base, which they didn’t do under the previous regime with Mac Jones.”

Anecdote: April 29 marks the anniversary of Roger Clemens setting a major league record with 20 strikeouts in a single game in 1986. Incredibly, Clemens would be the first to match his own feat, making it ten years old later.

Since then, only two other pitchers have totaled 20 strikeouts in a game. Can you name them?

(Answer at bottom).

Hint: one did it for the Cubs, the other for the Nationals.

Scores and schedules:

On Sunday, the Red Sox beat the Cubs 5-4 to make it two wins out of three against Chicago. Boston faces the Giants at Fenway Park in another three-game set beginning Tuesday at 7:10 p.m.

Tonight, the Celtics take on the Heat in Miami in Game 4 of both teams’ first-round playoff series. Boston leads 2-1, with kickoff scheduled for 7:30 p.m.

Tomorrow, the Bruins will host the Maple Leafs in Game 5 of their own playoff series at 7 p.m. Boston is poised to advance, leading Toronto 3-1.

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Messi’s visit to Gillette Stadium: The Argentine legend traveled to play the Revolution on Saturday, with a club record 65,612 fans in attendance at Gillette Stadium.

And Messi didn’t disappoint, scoring two goals and an assist, although it came at the expense of the home side in Inter Miami’s 4-1 win over the Revolution.

That day: In 2007, the Patriots traded for Randy Moss. It was a decision that had historic implication, as Moss and Tom Brady would team up for a record-breaking season the following year.

Initially, there was some skepticism about Bill Belichick’s decision to acquire Moss, if only because it deviated so much from previous roster decisions the New England coach had built:

Boston Globe Randy Moss 2007

Yet, as Belichick recently explained in a fascinating anecdote during his Selection Day appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show,” Moss quickly went all-in on the trade. The talented wideout immediately demonstrated a work ethic that helped New England reach stratospheric heights in scoring.

Highlight of the day: Anthony Edwards helped close out the Timberwolves’ win over the Suns with an emphatic dunk.

Trivial answer: Kerry Wood, Max Scherzer


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