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The free Steam download is a superb mix of Hogwarts Legacy and Zelda

If you’ve ever wondered what a love child is Hogwarts Legacy And The Legend of Zelda this would look like so wonder no more, because a free Steam demo is just that.

Magic crafts is a roguelike game by Wave Game that uses “a variety of spells to match unimaginable spell effects.”

Check The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild trailer below!

“The legend! Whoever removes the stick will be the brave one who saves the world!” reads the official synopsis.Magic crafts is a magical action roguelike game. The game takes as its core the world invaded by the ancient gods, creating an airy magical fantasy world. The player will be a brave man who strays into this world and takes out the legendary staff, crusades against monsters, combines unique spells, defeats the ancient gods and saves the world invaded by the ancient gods!

With a “cute painting style and absurd plot,” Magic crafts combines the exploration of The Legend of Zelda with the magic of Hogwarts Legacy and puts it together to create a standalone roguelike title that can be tried for free in Early Access right now.

At the time of writing this article, Magic crafts has a “very positive” rating on Steam and that’s perhaps no surprise given that the title has been compared to titles like The binding of Isaac, a critically acclaimed roguelike released in 2011.

Recently launched in early access on Steam, Magic crafts Arms you with a plethora of spells and staves that you can combine to unleash a myriad of attacks while dashing from room to room and enemy to enemy. Plus, the list of combinations you can create is endless, so no two games are the same. This means you can burn, freeze, explode, melt and blast your way to victory.

Magic crafts is available in Early Access for free on Steam now.

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