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The exact breakfast recipe and drink to cure a hangover revealed


If you’ve had too much spiked eggnog or too many hot toddies, you may be feeling it.

But instead of eating a decadent stack of flapjacks or a greasy spread, an expert has revealed the best breakfast to cure the headache-inducing, stomach-churning hangover plaguing your morning.

Cara Shaw, a licensed women’s health nutritional therapist, told Metro that eating a breakfast rich in vitamins and antioxidants within 90 minutes of waking up is essential to bring blood sugar levels back into balance.

“If you’ve been drinking all day, especially with lots of beer, high-sugar cocktails or sugary mixes, it’s likely your blood sugar will be out of whack until the early hours,” she said.

“When it comes to the liver, alcohol will put a lot of strain on the liver, so detoxification will require additional support. You can get it through an adequate amount of protein, but also B vitamins and antioxidants.

Forget the restaurant grease – Shaw recommends preparing three eggs in any way with mushrooms, tomatoes, avocado and feta. Getty Images/iStockphoto

To do this, she recommends a hearty breakfast of three eggs—hello, protein—with half an avocado, feta, tomatoes, half a cup of sautéed mushrooms, and olive oil.

According to Shaw, eggs, rich in choline, help detoxify the liver, while mushrooms contain B vitamins that support the liver, and avocados contain nutrient-rich fats. Feta, also a source of protein, is packed with B12 for a boost of energy the next morning, while tomatoes and olive oil have anti-inflammatory properties to combat the damaging effects of alcohol.

Gourmet holiday cocktails can lead to dehydration, inflammation, headaches, stomach issues, poor sleep, nausea and, as some unfortunate drinkers know, vomiting, to name a few. some.

And when it comes to a morning drink, Shaw suggested that matcha trumps coffee.

“Matcha has much less caffeine than coffee and is full of antioxidants to give the body a boost,” she said. “My best advice is to have your caffeinated drink after a meal to prevent it from increasing your cortisol levels, which is even more important when you have a hangover.”

While Safety Shot has created a drink to cure hangovers – which works by quickly lowering blood alcohol levels – other remedies include IV treatments, bone broth, ginger, some amino acids and dihydromyricetin supplements.

However, experts have debunked the cure-all tips: the only way to get rid of a nasty hangover is to wait it out or avoid alcohol in the first place.

She also suggested matcha, which is packed with antioxidants to give the body a boost. Uuganbayar – stock.adobe.com
While old hangover tips promise a quick fix to severe headaches and stomach-churning nausea, experts say time is the best medicine. Getty Images/iStockphoto

“The best way to deal with morning-after symptoms is to prevent them from happening,” Dr. Fu Chen, head of research and development at More Labs, previously told the Post.

Luckily, this may soon no longer be a problem for those participating in Dry January, who can sip mocktails without worrying about the dreaded hangover.

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