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The ecologist Antoine Waechter candidate for the presidential election – France

The former Greens candidate for the 1988 presidential election, Antoine Waechter, announced on Wednesday his candidacy for that of 2022, under the banner of the Independent Environmental Movement (MEI).

“Noting the utopian nature of bringing together environmentalists,” Antoine Waechter, one of the founders of the environmental movement in France, wishes through his candidacy “to affirm much more strongly what makes the identity of ecological thought itself, in- beyond the right and the left ”.

“Despite the surge in environmental sensitivity in public opinion, a good part of this public will not vote for a Green candidate, quite simply because a certain number of elements are blocking it, in particular this desire (to EELV) to position itself in the political landscape of the left, ”said Antoine Waechter.

According to the MEI candidate, the candidate for the EELV primary, Yannick Jadot, has “an electoral strategy and adapts his speech according to this electoral strategy. And us, that cannot correspond to us: we need strong positions on a certain number of subjects ”.

Wishing to represent “sensitive” ecology, attached to “the beauty of landscapes and nature”, the candidate of the MEI has chosen not to participate in the primary ecologist, of which he considers that “the main vocation is to try to find the one who will manage to unite the left, and not the one who will succeed in uniting the environmentalists ”.

Maintain nuclear power with “small reactors”

Among the main elements of his program, Antoine Waechter is in favor of maintaining nuclear power in the energy mix through the construction of a new generation of “small reactors”.

It also defends respect for the “aesthetics” of landscapes and heritage, coupled with an end to the “proliferation of land-based wind farms” to which it is opposed, and to support for agricultural and forestry sectors.

He also advocates a return to the seven-year term, the use of a citizens’ initiative referendum (RIC), or even “the creation of a green Court of Auditors to assess public policies” in environmental matters.

72-year-old environmental engineer, deputy mayor of Fulleren (Haut-Rhin), Antoins Waechter gathered 3.8% of the votes in the first round of the 1988 presidential election, under the banner of the Greens of which he is one of the co-founders in 1984. He then left this party to found the MEI in 1994. He had not obtained the necessary 500 sponsorships in 1995 or in 2017.