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The developer of one of the highest-rated new games of 2023 says players should pirate it if they can’t afford it

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  • Black Tabby Games, the developer of the popular horror visual novel Slay the Princess, is encouraging players to pirate the game if they can’t afford to purchase it.
  • Black Tabby Games emphasizes the importance of experiencing the game with players’ own decisions for the first time, asking them to pirate the game and purchase it later.
  • Slay the Princess has received widespread praise and is one of the highest-rated games of 2023, with a score of 90 on the overall review site OpenCritic.

Black Tabby Games, the developer of the successful indie game Kill the princess, encourages players to pirate the visual novel if they cannot afford the game. First released in October, the horror visual novel revolving around the main mission of killing a princess has was greeted by all. Fans and critics praised Kill the princess for its unique premise and branching narrative, as well as the game’s exceptional voice acting. Now, the game’s developer confirms that it is acceptable for players to hack the much-loved game.

Piracy is a touchy subject within the video game industry, with many studios going to extreme lengths to stop illegal game downloads. Nintendo has been one of the most notorious anti-piracy developers, often taking legal action against emulation-focused websites and bringing Denuvo DRM anti-piracy protection to the Switch last year. Some indie games have taken more creative routes to combat piracy, with games like Game development mogul intentionally sabotage players who hacked the game. Kill the princesshowever, appears to be more comfortable with illegal downloads, according to a recent update from its developer.


Denuvo Anti-Piracy DRM comes to Nintendo Switch

Denuvo says it will provide anti-piracy DRM technology to Nintendo in an effort to protect Switch games from piracy.

A recent post on social media from Kill the princess Developer Black Tabby Games reveals the studio’s unusual stance regarding piracy of its new game. The post suggests that playing the game for yourself is the best way to experience the game for the first time, rather than watching the gameplay. ‘another person. To this end, the Kill the princess the developer encourages players to hack the game, suggesting players to try it Kill the princess and buy it later. Black Tabby Games goes on to emphasize the importance of experiencing a decision-rich game with the player’s own decisions for the first time.

Kill the princessThis positive attitude towards piracy comes as the game has already received a lot of praise just over two months after its launch. Kill the princess is one of the highest-rated games of 2023 on global review site OpenCritic, with an impressive score of 90, placing it alongside hits like Spider-Man 2 And Dave the Diver. Kill the princess also received several nominations at small awards ceremonies, winning “Best Indie RPG” at the 2023 streaming organization OTK awards.

2023 was a banner year for indie games with a variety of critically acclaimed and press-loved indie games throughout the year. The messenger developer Sabotage Studio would win “Best Indie Game” at The Game Awards 2023 with Sea of ​​Stars, also nominated for “Best RPG”. Interactive Geometric Cocoon would also claim the title of “Best First Independent Game” at the awards ceremony for its innovative gameplay and exceptional presentation. Kill the princess is a late but popular addition to 2023’s stacked indie game lineup.

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