The design of the Apple Watch Series 10 won’t move me from the Ultra 2

With the possible leak of the Apple Watch Series 10 design this week, I still don’t think I’m convinced I want to give up my Apple Watch Ultra 2. Although Apple could upgrade the screen to be on par than the company’s Ultra model, several perks exclusive to the Apple Watch Ultra 2 will keep me from upgrading.

According to the leak, Apple is planning an Apple Watch Series 10 with a larger display, but the case will be thinner than that of an Apple Watch Ultra. With an all-new design, it seems like Cupertino will make all current Apple Watch bands incompatible with this new generation. That said, I have a few reasons not to give up my beloved Apple Watch Ultra 2, besides the fact that all my current bands would be useless.

The design of the Apple Watch Series 10 won’t move me from the Ultra 2
Apple Watch Series 10: Alleged CAD design. Image source: 91mobiles

For example, I love the Apple Watch Ultra 2 giant battery. As Apple plans to make its devices thinner (this design change started with the M4 iPad Pro), it’s only natural that the battery will take a big hit – or at least Apple will do what it can to improve reliability software in order to make it similar to the previous generation. However, a smaller battery also means it will degrade more quickly.

I also like his robust design. I love running outdoors and after almost a year, my Apple Watch Ultra 2 is like new. With the upcoming Apple Watch Series 10, it will likely be more fragile, at least compared to the Apple Watch Ultra.

It’s also important to note that I like the Action button and the mermaid fashion. Even though I never plan on using it, better safe than sorry. As for the Action button, I think it’s very handy for easily accessing the Workout app and interacting with it during a workout.

Last but not least, I’ve been collecting Apple Watch bands for over half a decade, so I’m not ready to give up on my collection just yet. With rumors of Apple coming out with a new band connector, I don’t want to buy new ones just yet.

Here’s what might make me upgrade my Apple Watch Ultra 2

If the Apple Watch Series 10 isn’t enough, I think a new Ultra variant could really sway me to the next level, especially if we get new health sensors. Apple has been working on several new sensors, but there’s no word on when they might be coming to market.

Also, Apple was working on a new design for the Apple Watch Ultra, but it looks like it might be years away from its release. So until then, I’ll stick with my current model. Also, I’d rather wait and see if the new bands get a FineWoven moment.

Below you can read more about the latest Apple Watch Series 10 rumors and leaks.

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