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The Continental Classic final is set

After over a month of round-robin matches, AEW’s inaugural Continental Classic tournament was down to five men. December 27 DynamiteJon Moxley, Jay White and Swerve Strickland battled it out to determine who would represent the Gold League in Saturday’s final. The end of the world PPV, as Bryan Danielson and Eddie Kingston battled to see who would make it out of the Blue League.

The Triple Threat opened the episode, and we were quickly reminded that tonight’s matches would not be fought under the same rules as those that led up to them. The announce team also informed us that tonight’s semi-finals would have no time limit, as we had to have winners. And since triple threats don’t constitute a disqualification, Mox, Swerve and Switchblade were practically not in the ring at the start of this one… not that the referees strictly enforced the counts at any point in C2.

White took advantage of the looser rules to once again target the leg injury Moxley suffered for weeks. This allowed Strickland to focus his attention on Switchblade for much of the mid-match. Mox got back into things (after the first commercial break, of course) and tried to use looting – but Switchblade beat him to it.

That chair ended up costing Switchblade dearly when he was sent headfirst into the one he had set up in the ropes. He recovered to push Strickland to the floor before he was able to push Moxley away with a Stomp, but when he went for Blade Runner, Mox countered him and hit a Death Rider. Swerve was unable to break the pin and Blackpool Combat Club secured a place in the Triple Crown championship match on December 30.

The Blue League final was underway at the top of the hour, and it looked like Danielson’s dominance over Kingston was going to continue from the start. The American Dragon did a little too much trash talking, however, and the crowd support combined with Eddie’s fighting spirit brought him back into the match.

A back-and-forth sequence took them to the top rope, where Kingston managed to land on Bryan’s injured eye on a throw.

This slowed but didn’t stop the Dragon, who also survived a lariat/Northern Lights Bomb combo to hit his Busaiku Knee for a nearfall. Even after hammer and anvil elbows and a kick to the head, Eddie wouldn’t stay down. He survived to hit a pair of backfists from Uraken, then stacked Danielson after a powerbomb to retain his defense of the Ring of Honor World and NJPW Strong Openweight Championships (2/3 of the Triple Crown, with the new Continental belt AEW).

While Bryan was still writhing on the mat, his BCC teammate Mox came over to check on his…and say a little something to his longtime friend and occasional rival. The Gold League winner said all he ever asked for from Eddie was 100%. Moxley stressed how much the Kingston fans love him, so he better give it his all – but he knows Eddie doesn’t believe he can win.

The self-proclaimed King of the Bums fought back, telling Mox not to treat him like one of his young boys. He promised to bring his fighting spirit on Saturday, and said Mox better bring his because he’s going to break it and he’s going to take advantage of it.

Like a true ball player, the Mad King then called for his own music to close the segment.

Anyone betting against the underdog this weekend?

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