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the cancellation by Paris of a gala in Washington mocked by the opposition – RT in French

Left and right, the opposition denounces the “humiliation” suffered by Paris after the cancellation by Australia of a strategic contract for the benefit of Washington and London. For some, the reaction of the French government is not up to par.

Doubled by its American and British allies within the framework of a contract concluded with Australia for the sale of 12 submarines, France bangs its fist on the table … At least in words. As for concrete reprisals, the French authorities have decided to cancel their participation in a commemorative gala evening, scheduled for September 17 in the residence of the French ambassador in Washington. A decision judged to be incommensurate with the gravity of the facts by part of the opposition.

Marine Le Pen thus challenged the Head of State, in a message published on Twitter this September 17th. “Is that all, Emmanuel Macron?” Asked the president of the National Gathering before listing other proposals: “No recall of our ambassadors? No summons of the ambassadors of the three countries to the Elysee? No freezing of cooperation agreements with the three countries? No recall of some of our troops participating in NATO activities? ”

The president of the sovereignist party UPR, François Asselineau, for his part laughed at the fact that Paris, as the only retaliatory measure, canceled “a Ferrero rock party”.

“After the humiliation … the ridiculous”, meanwhile lamented the right-wing MEP Thierry Mariani, wondering: “The next time, Americans will be deprived of cheese?”

An illustration of Washington’s “contempt”?

In the wake of the Australian turnaround, opposition from both right and left rose up against the cancellation of this contract worth 34 billion euros. This episode was thus qualified as a “diplomatic snub” by Valérie Pécresse or even as “manifestation of the contempt of the United States for the agreements concluded by its allies” by Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

The French Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian had, him, denounced “a blow in the back”, while the head of the American diplomacy Anthony Blinken tried to downplay the affair, praising an “incredibly close cooperation with France “.

Beyond the canceled reception, which was to celebrate the anniversary of a decisive naval battle of the United States War of Independence concluded with a victory for the French fleet over the British fleet on September 5, 1781, several other events diplomatic have been maintained.