The best Bluetooth party speakers for 2024 turn up the volume and bring the bass

Best Bluetooth Party Speakers


Who’s ready to party? We’ve got you covered with bringing the music to all your hottest outdoor parties this season, so you’ll want the best Bluetooth party. speakers for 2024.

Whether you like to stream top 40 music and play video games With friends at your barbecues, or if you like to listen to retro music at family gatherings, the best party speakers can enhance any experience.

But it’s not just any speaker you want. THE RIGHT speaker (and even the right outdoor light) can make all the difference. You want crisp, clear music and powerful bass to bring pleasure and keep the mood going. Some party speakers can even give you more, with fun extras like RGB lighting and karaoke capabilities. They can also connect wirelessly to your smartphone (or other device) via Bluetooth, so everyone can DJ.

We found perfect options from Samsung, JBL and more. If you’re ready to party this season, be sure to check out our selection of the best Bluetooth party speakers for 2024.

The best Bluetooth party speakers for 2024

Best Bluetooth party speaker: JBL Pulse 5: $200 (20% off)

JBL Impulse 5


This eye-catching speaker features 360 degrees of dazzling colors that sync to the beat of your favorite tunes. The lights are also customizable through the JBL Portable app. The lighting effects will keep your eyes glued to this speaker all night long.

Pump up jams with bold bass and crisp highs thanks to the speaker’s separate tweeter and driver, with especially clear highs that will have everyone singing along.

You get 12 hours of playback on a single charge, so you’ll be good to go even if your evenings end up lasting to question marks.

Plus, you can connect up to two smartphones or tablets (or whatever mobile device you use) to the speaker so multiple users can take over and spin their favorite tunes.

It’s also rated IP67 dustproof and waterproof, so a little drizzle won’t end the party.

Best compact Bluetooth party speaker: JBL PartyBox Encore Essential: $250 (17% off)



The JBL PartyBox Encore Essential is a compact portable party speaker with 100 watts of sound, deep bass and LED lights with strobe effect. Its cube-shaped format makes it a great option for partygoers who don’t have a lot of space.

It offers six hours of playback per charge, which should be long enough for you to get together in the garden or listen solo.

Like many JBL offerings, you can also pair two of these speakers together for even more dramatic sound. If you need things louder or want to cover more ground, this is the way to go here if you buy two devices.

It’s also IPX4 splash-resistant and provides up to six hours of gaming time on a single charge.

Best Bluetooth party speaker: Soundcore Motion Boom Plus: $180

Soundcore Motion Boom Plus


If you really want to pump up the jam, you can’t go wrong with a boom box. This 5.29-pound unit is lightweight but powerful, and it comes with a shoulder strap so you can carry it around or keep it close if you prefer.

It features two 3.5-inch woofers as well as two 1-inch tweeters for a total audio power of 80 watts, so wherever you go you can bring the music with impressive sound.

You get 20 hours of battery life per charge, with playback at a moderate level. It’s perfect for setting up poolside and queuing up for a playlist, as its IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating protects you from any water mishaps. Plus, it floats, so if it falls in the water, you’re still good.

Need additional sound? You can link two of these units together. Additionally, you can change the boom box settings to your liking via the Anker Soundcore companion app.

Best Bluetooth Party Speaker for Karaoke: Sony X-Series Portable Party Speaker: $548



Do more than just listen to music at your next party. Sing it. This speaker not only offers omnidirectional sound, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, but it has dual microphone and guitar inputs, so you can sing along to your favorite songs and play guitar.

You can let your inner pop star rise to the surface with this speaker’s 25 hours of battery life and IPX4 splash-resistant design. It also has LED lighting, which can help you mimic stage lights and keep the party warm. Plus, it’s a sleek unit with a handle for easy transportation.

Don’t spend a few thousand dollars on a karaoke machine when you can bring home this powerful speaker with great sound and plenty of space for people to sing along. It’s got everything you need to get the party started, and you don’t even have to choose from a list of songs.

Best premium Bluetooth party speaker: JBL PartyBox 1000: $949 (27% off)



The JBL PartyBox 1000 is a high-tech party speaker for audio enthusiasts. It does all that and more, with just about everything you could need to get the party started right in your backyard.

It includes a DJ launch bar that even lets you play drums, keyboard, and piano, as well as record and loop sounds for custom songs and recordings. It also includes full-panel lighting effects, microphone and guitar input, and powerful sound quality.

Like many other JBL speakers, it also has mic and guitar inputs. so you can queue up for a full-fledged concert.

Just be careful around water, as this speaker is not waterproof. If you plan to use it at a pool party, keep it away from water.

It’s a hell of a party splurge, but if you really want to throw one of the best parties your neighborhood has ever seen, it’s definitely worth it.


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