“The Acolyte” Just Aired Its Own “Fury Road” Episode

Warning: This article contains spoilers about Star Wars: The Sidekick episode 5.

Okay…you can breathe now.

But you’re forgiven if you found yourself holding your breath throughout Episode 5 of Disney+. The Acolyte. The entire episode was essentially an extended action sequence – filled with shocks, lightsaber battles, and lots of dead Jedi. It was as if Star Wars channeled Mad Max: Fury Road. The only thing missing was a Doof Warrior projecting streams of fire with a guitar-shaped laser sword.

The big reveal was the reveal of Mae’s (Amandla Stenberg) mysterious master, who turned out to be Qimir, Manny Jacinto’s zany apothecary, because there’s simply no one better than the former. Good place star when it comes to playing a character while pretending to be another character. (BORTLES!)

Lee Jung-jae in “The Acolyte”.

Christian Black/Lucasfilm Ltd.

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But that wasn’t the biggest surprise of the episode. The real shocker was how many Jedi the Sith Lord killed during his introduction. Of course, there were the Jedi hikers who accompanied the main characters to Khofar and had the word “Expendable” practically tattooed on their foreheads. But Jacinto’s Sith didn’t stop there. He stabbed Dafne Keen’s Jecki Lon repeatedly with a lightsaber until he died, brutally cutting down the Padawan just before his face was revealed for the first time. And he wasn’t finished. The big bad also effortlessly snapped the neck of Jedi Knight Yord Fandar (Charlie Barnett), killing a second major character in just a few minutes. (And let’s not forget poor Kelnacca, rotting in his little cabin with a lightsaber slashed across his hairy chest.)

In addition to all these fights, the action-packed episode also included a lightsaber battle between Jacinto’s Sith and Lee Jung-jae’s Master Sol – with Sol almost hitting the unarmed opponent before being stopped by his former Padawan Osha (Stenberg) – as well as a furious fight between Mae and Jecki.

Dafne Keen as Jecki Lon in “Star Wars: The Sidekick.”

Christian Black / Lucasfilm Ltd.

And the episode also included the first extended interaction between twins Mae and Osha, who came face to face near the end of the episode. After Mae tells Osha that the Jedi brainwashed her and turned sister against sister (“I love you. Don’t choose them anymore. Please choose me. Choose us. We “We both survived. All we have is each other now”), Osha tried to stop her sister, causing her twin to knock her out.

And then, a little deception. Mae took a lightsaber and cut her hair to match Osha’s, then took her place to infiltrate among the Jedi. Whether she plans to kill Sol (the last of the four names on her hit list) or gain information that can be used against them remains to be seen, but that was only one side of the switcheroo. At the very end of the episode, Jacinto’s unnamed villain stumbled upon the passed out Osha, putting his cape over her as a blanket while noting, “What extraordinary beings we are.” Even in the revelation of our triumph, we see the depth of our despair.

Yord Fandar (Charlie Barnett), Jedi Padawan Jecki Lonä (Dafne Keen) and Master Sol (Lee Jung-jae) on ‘The Acolyte’.


Despair certainly suits the Jedi, who have just lost several members of their order to an adversary they don’t even seem to fully understand, thanks to the Sith who have been lurking in the shadows for centuries since the days of Darth Bane.

The episode is considered the wildest and most brutal extended action we’ve ever seen on streaming. Star Wars galaxy of live-action spectacles, never letting up for a minute. It also raises the stakes for a series that has already set them very high after murdering a Jedi in the very first scene of its premiere.

And now, with Mae and Osha having swapped places, the game board pieces have been completely reset, leading one to wonder how many more will fall over the next three episodes on the road to Valhalla. WITNESS!

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