‘The Acolyte’ Episode 5’s Main Reveal, Shocking Deaths Make It the Best Episode Yet

I was somewhat mixed on The Acolyte, but very annoyed by its excessive bombardment of reviews online and upset by the harassment of its actors. But in general, I thought everything was going well so far, most of the time. That changed last night with Episode 5, Night, which was one of the most breathtaking 30 minutes of Star Wars I’ve seen in the entire Disney era. Spoilers follow.

The first 20 minutes of the episode are an extended lightsaber fight with the “Master”, the warrior wielding the red lightsaber, taking on an entire strike force consisting of Jedi Padawans, Knights, and at least one Master. This is some of the best lightsaber choreography I’ve seen and one of the most memorable fights since The Phantom Menace. Dafne Keen, aka X-23 from Logan, particularly stood out.

But what was most shocking wasn’t the quality of the lightsaber combat, but how brutal it was. I was a little surprised to see the Master quickly and easily assassinate several Jedi. But it didn’t stop there. The Master kills two major fan-favorite characters, Keene’s Jecki and Charlie Bennett’s Yord, running through Jecki with lightsaber daggers after she knocks off her helmet and literally snapping Yord’s neck. I was on the ground. I always thought The Acolyte was going to be darker than what it presented in its first few episodes, but this? I didn’t think it would go here. And it was incredible.

The main reveal of the episode wasn’t the biggest surprise, but it was still great. It turns out that the Master turns out to be Qimir, the clumsy smuggler played by Manny Jacinto. It was just an act, a way to stay close to Mae, and when it’s fully revealed, Jacinto absolutely crushes it. scary performance as what appears to be a Sith Ronin, who has separated from the Jedi in order to wield the power of the force as he wishes, and trying to raise a Padawan to do the same. A Padawan he is now trying to kill because she betrayed him.

I can’t praise Jacinto’s performance here where he East still pretty funny, but also newly terrifying (it’s crazy to see him in this role after being better known as Jason from The Good Place). he’s extremely powerful, when he has just massacred a platoon of Jedi as if nothing had happened. I’m willing to say that this is probably the best villain introduction I’ve ever seen. all these Disney shows.

Despite the revelation of his identity, certain mysteries persist. He implies that Master Sol knows him and is hiding “darkness”. Mae also implies that Osha was brainwashed with a false version of the events of the night of the fire, and perhaps the fact that she started it and the Jedi saved her n That’s not what happened. Qimir hints that Sol can “get into his head”, and we saw the witches’ magic do something similar in the flashback. I’m guessing some kind of memory wipe happened here, feeding Osha a different story and freeing the four Jedi from their role in the destruction of the Coven, which we haven’t seen yet. I’m not sure how Qimir and Sol know each other though, unless Sol has a dark past that we don’t know about yet. It seems likely at this point.

It was an incredible episode. I just don’t care about the criticism this gets and I don’t know how, as a so-called Star Wars fan, you couldn’t less enjoy the lightsaber fights and be amazed how it went so far as to kill two major and healthy characters within minutes of each other. I can’t wait to see where this goes from here.

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