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The 64% Movement Speed ​​Boots That Summarize “Diablo 4” Season 4

I’ve been on a roller coaster ride with Diablo 4 Season 4 since it launched just under a week ago. But as I look at my level 99 character, who is already way past the point we covered in all of Season 3, I think, yeah, that went pretty well.

I was impressed with the changes to items and Helltides that you can see immediately in the game, although releveling those early levels was still irritating. But then I hit a power surge so wild that I ran through everything I could find for about 48 hours, which felt like the difficulty curve had gone off the rails a little too much.

Now, deeper into the endgame, I’ve run into those final walls of challenge as I crawl my barbarian past 75 Nightmare dungeons and 35 pits. I’m not a pro, but it’s already deeper that I almost never enter the endgame, and in my free time I played solo with Duriel and Andariel.

But the way I can sum up why this season works so well is… my 64% movement speed boots. These:

This is a great example of why gear hunting is so much fun now. What exactly happened here? Some things:

  • Legendary gear now has the ability to drop with one (or sometimes more) stats increased to 150% of their normal values. This is what happened with the base movement speed number here at the top, making it almost 30% right off the bat.
  • Then, with the ability to “temper” items by adding additional benefits from a few buckets, I had a 1/4 chance to apply even more movement speed (with a few rerolls) for an additional 13%.
  • The blue number represents what happens when you master an item four times, because each time you do so, a random stat will increase by 25%. In this case, it was a dodge chance, but it could also have been a movement speed that would have made this item even crazier, at around 36% base speed. Go all the way to the max (which is very expensive) and you keep applying those boosts.
  • Then an old system I printed for my Ghostwalker aspect which still gives me 21% movement speed (which could have been 25%) when unstoppable which is very often. So that’s a total movement speed of about 64%, and it could have been even more. I actually removed a 12% movement speed amulet because it was too overkill.

It’s just movement speed, but you know what I mean. You can do this for any object, almost anything you’re looking for, to take it to absurd levels. Combining randomly upgraded perks with deep masteries and scroll-based tempering is a great endgame quest when neither of those things existed before. It’s a truly transformed loot system and one worth checking out even if it took a while to get here.

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