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Tesla Model Y refresh will happen in coming months, report says

A report claims that the Tesla Model Y refresh could arrive in the coming months, as the automaker plans to close its Gigafactory Shanghai plant.

Last summer, Tesla launched the updated Model 3 in Asia, the Pacific and Europe.

The new version of the popular electric sedan has not yet arrived in North America, and yet there are rumors that Tesla is already preparing a refresh of the Model Y, which is closely related to the Model 3.

The updated version of the electric SUV is expected to bring some of the same changes introduced in the new Model 3, as well as some unique additional features.

Now, a new report from Bloomberg claims that Tesla is preparing to put the new version of the Model Y into production in the coming months.

The report mentions “mid-2024” volume production at Gigafactory Shanghai:

The U.S. electric car maker is currently conducting preparation work in China for its refreshed Model Y sport utility vehicle and mass production could begin as early as mid-2024, the people said, asking not to be identified because the information is not public.

But it also says a first batch could arrive following a factory shutdown and upgrade over the New Year holiday:

The first batch of the new Model Ys will be made from the second phase of Tesla’s Shanghai factory, which will suspend production for about a week over the New Year holiday for a partial upgrade, one of the company said. sources. Further adjustments will need to be made before mass production, they added.

It is unclear whether it is the New Year holiday next week or the Chinese Lunar New Year in February.

The report also states that the update will feature “much more obvious exterior and interior changes” than the Model Y update in China in October, which featured new ambient lighting and some performance improvements.

This new upgrade would be larger and would likely be the Juniper-named project we’ve been hearing about since the beginning of this year.

Electrek’s point of view

Not many details in this report, but it looks like Tesla is preparing to launch the new version of the Model Y.

It will be interesting to see how Tesla handles the transition, as the Model Y is currently Tesla’s cash cow.

Any slowdown in production volume when switching to a new version will have a major impact on the automaker’s business. A smooth or difficult production transition could make all the difference in Tesla’s performance in the first quarter of 2024.

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