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Tesla Model Y redesign: what could change

  • A refresh could arrive for the Model Y in mid-2024.
  • Tesla is preparing its Shanghai factory for the refresh, Bloomberg reports.
  • More redesigns are a sign that Tesla is growing.

Tesla could ring in 2024 with a new and improved Model Y.

Citing sources familiar with the matter, Bloomberg reports that Tesla is preparing its Shanghai factory to begin producing a refreshed Model Y in mid-2024.

This refresh will come with much bigger changes inside and out than a recent October update, Bloomberg reports, but details on those changes are scarce. For clues as to what this Model Y redesign might look like, look at the Model 3 redesign from earlier this year.

For the European market, Tesla gave the Model 3 a sportier lookwith a more elegant front end and a more luxurious interior highlighted by a new ambient lighting system on the dashboard.

The Model Y, a crossover that has grown in popularity since going on sale in 2020, gained even more popularity this year when Tesla deployed discreetly a more affordable base model. It was one of the best electric vehicle deals on the market this summer, costing around $36,490 (taking into account a $7,500 federal tax credit).

Tesla grows

Earlier this year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk faced pressure from investors to refresh the electric car maker’s aging lineup, especially as competition flooded the market.

Musk has long resisted the industry norm of refreshing designs every few years and instead launched entirely new cars like the Model 3 in 2017, the Model Y in 2020 and the Cybertruck last month.

But as the once-abandoned startup transforms into something more like an ordinary car companyThings Tesla never did – redesigns and discounts – are becoming more and more common at Musk’s automaker.

This normalcy is welcomed by many Tesla investors, some of whom who continue to be frustrated with Musk’s public antics, particularly within his social media company X (formerly Twitter).

Are you looking for a Model Y? What changes would you like to see in a redesign? Contact this reporter at nnaughton@insider.com

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