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Tesla is removing Steam from its new vehicles because its new “gaming computer is no longer capable of playing Steam games”

Less than 18 months after its first deployment, Tesla has reportedly removed Steam support from its vehicles.

In December 2022, Tesla confirmed that games like Cuphead, Sonic, and Cyberpunk 2077 could be played as part of a native Steam beta app on the company’s Model S and Model X.

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Today, according to Electrek, the company appears to be reversing that decision.

“Tesla is updating the gaming computer in your Model thank you, VGC). “All other entertainment and app features are unaffected.”

There has been no confirmation on why the feature was removed, but it is believed that existing Tesla owners who already use the app are not affected.

Tesla was investigated by the US National Highways and Traffic Safety Administration in 2021 for its Passenger Play feature. Tesla responded by making Passenger Play “unusable” when the car is in motion, limiting Steam’s functionality so that it could only be used when the car was parked or charging.

News Source : www.eurogamer.net
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