Tesla hints at possibility of Elon Musk factory tour for investors

Tesla is offering its shareholders the chance to tour its Texas Gigafactory alongside Elon Musk and Cybertruck designer Franz von Holzhausen – there’s just one problem.

To be eligible for a possible invitation to the tour, investors must vote on Musk’s salary package.

Tesla announced the tour promotion on Tuesday. The company will randomly select 15 shareholders for the event, which will take place the day before the June 12 annual shareholder meeting and will include a tour of the Cybertruck and Model Y production lines at the Gigafactory.

To enter the drawing, Tesla investors must submit proof that they owned a stake in the company as of April 15, as well as proof that they voted on proposals for the next meeting. The deadline to apply for this opportunity is June 7.

“You only need to submit proof that you voted, not how you voted,” according to Tesla’s website. “You do not need to vote for or against a proposal to be eligible.”

Before the annual investor meeting, shareholders will be asked to vote on a number of proposals, including a proposal to restore Musk’s pay package, which was struck down by a Delaware judge earlier this year. The company is also asking investors to vote on a proposal to move the company’s state of incorporation from Delaware to Texas, as well as a separate proposal to re-elect Tesla board members Kimbal Musk and James Murdoch.

In recent weeks, Tesla has gone out of its way to encourage investors to vote for the proposals, particularly Musk’s pay package, which was valued at around $55 billion before it was canceled in January. The company has argued that the compensation plan is “critical to Tesla’s future success” and has even funded a handful of ads promoting the compensation plan.

Meanwhile, some investors urged others to vote against the proposals. On May 21, a group of shareholders filed a letter with the Securities and Exchange Commission calling on investors to vote against both Musk’s salary plan and Murdoch and Kimbal Musk’s re-election proposal. Separately, proxy advisory firm Glass Lewis said in a report Saturday that the compensation plan was “excessive” and presented investors with “uncertain benefits and additional risk.”

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