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Terrifying new video shows moment Delta plane catches fire as passengers forced to flee down emergency slides at Seattle airport

By James Cirrone for Dailymail.Com

02:51 May 15, 2024, updated 03:10 May 15, 2024

Dramatic new video shows a Delta plane catching fire after landing at Seattle-Tacoma Airport on Monday, May 6.

Footage shows the nose of the Airbus A321neo glowing red and emitting smoke after its flight from Cancun, Mexico.

The 189 passengers were evacuated through the emergency exit on the wing and were invited to use the emergency slides to the tarmac.

Ashwin Menon, a passenger on a troubled plane, told KOMO News he remembers hearing flight attendants say over the intercom, “Drop your things, unbuckle and head to the exits.” »

“I think people reacted to this with panic, there was a bit of a jostling in the aisles to get to the exit,” Menon told KOMO News, which obtained the terrifying video. “But overall the evacuation process went smoothly.”

Surveillance video obtained by KOMO News shows the front area of ​​a Delta plane in flames shortly after it landed at Seattle-Tacoma Airport on a Monday evening last week.

An airport spokesperson revealed that the fire started when an electrical cord connected to the plane short-circuited.

The Federal Aviation Administration said the fire may have been caused by a “ground power unit.”

There were no major injuries following the incident, although Menon said he saw a few people injured while going down the emergency slide, including a woman who twisted her ankle.

“Once we got out of the flight, we could see the fire burning just below the cockpit,” Menon said. “I was glad everyone was able to make it out.”

Port of Seattle firefighters arrived after the fire was extinguished, officials said, although firefighters still sprayed water on the charred area.

Delta released a statement to address concerns related to the fire, which burned for several minutes on surveillance video.

“During disembarkation Monday evening, the crew of Flight 604 from Cancun to Seattle saw smoke in the nose area of ​​the plane after connecting electrical power to the ground.

“Out of an abundance of caution, slides were deployed and passengers still on board disembarked through the rear of the aircraft,” the company wrote.

Delta also revealed that the Airbus plane was less than two years old.

Airbus A321neo passengers are seen evacuating. They climb onto the right wing of the plane, before sliding down the emergency slide just behind

Passengers returned to the terminal via a ramp leading to a loading bridge, officials said.

Menon said that after waiting in the terminal, they were sent through U.S. customs and were able to leave about an hour later.

An apology came via email from Delta the next morning, which sent him a few air miles for his troubles.

Menon thanked all the first responders and flight crew for guiding the passengers through this unexpected situation, adding that he was glad it did not happen in the air.

“It kind of sticks in the back of my mind, I’m glad it happened by land and at the gate, that’s the best place to hope for an evacuation,” he said.

News Source : www.dailymail.co.uk
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