Teresa Giudice Net Worth in 2024 and How She Makes Her Money

Teresa Giudice works hard for his money. This is necessary, after legal missteps that won’t be repeated left her family in dire financial straits in 2009. Fortunately, Teresa served her time and now she’s working to pay off all her debts. On that score, our OG Real Housewives of New Jersey works like a hamster on a wheel, constantly cranking out books, products, and commercials, replenishing her bank accounts as she runs.

That said, not every business hit by this sprinkle cookie launcher prospered. For starters, Teresa and her brother Joe Gorga opened a restaurant in May 2017. It closed in 2018. She also drank a bottled Bellini drink, Fabellini, but that also died, because that brand hated her felony conviction.

Turning lemons into legal tender (that doesn’t mean chicken, Tre), Teresa used her free time wisely. Upon her release, she reentered society in great shape, tackling her debts and her doubters on RHONJ. So how much is she bringing in these days? Also, what is the 52 year old worth?

What is Teresa Giudice’s net worth?

Teresa’s net worth is said to be around $500,000.

This is consistent with the celebrity net worth estimate. Obviously, she’s sitting lower than a few of her female peers, but again, that’s because she’s still in her rebuilding era, paying off her debts (hopefully) with every cut check . With time, it is very likely that her net worth will increase again, putting her back on par with her colleagues.

So how exactly did Teresa accumulate this amount, after having to start from scratch?

To start, Tre wrote about what she knows

As a writer, I’m always told that the best place to start is to write about what you know. Someone must have told Teresa that too, because once her time away was up, she returned home to write Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again.

I’m not going to recap this for you, because the title says it all. Once published, it quickly became a New York Times bestseller, as everyone is curious about their time spent in the big house.

Additionally, Teresa has also written four cookbooks and a second autobiography, titled Standing Strong. She is paid to write her truths, however, her colleagues don’t always like her words in print. Speaking of those ladies, they also help keep the food on his tables, at least that’s what Melissa Gorga once said, facing Tre’s wrath in return.

So, what is Teresa’s salary on RHONJ?

Teresa Giudice Net Worth in 2024 and How She Makes Her MoneyTeresa Giudice Net Worth in 2024 and How She Makes Her Money

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Teresa’s salary on Bravo started out pretty low, but that’s pretty typical for any reality series. You have to earn your living, newbies. In season 1, she only brought in $25,000, and yes, that’s a total amount. Fortunately, the network realized what she brought to their flipping tables, and with each year since, her salary has only increased.

Nowadays, she reportedly earns around $1.1 million per season, making her one of the highest-paid Real Housewives in the entire franchise. As long as she stays on Bravo, and stays prudent with her spending (dream bigger, anything, it’s possible, maybe), it should help her pay off her debts fairly quickly.

Whether it’s “starter or cumin”, YouTube pays Teresa

With four cookbooks already out in the wild, as well as what we’ve seen aired on Bravo over the years, it’s clear that Teresa knows her way around a kitchen. In addition to her published recipes, Teresa and her husband Luis Ruelas also post their own cooking videos on YouTube. Although their income from this side hustle is unknown, their channel, Cook with Love, has over 41,000 subscribers. With this, they are definitely able to pay at least one or two of their bills every month with this additional business.

Advertising campaigns love Teresa

On Tre’s Instagram, another source of income is pretty clear. Here, several companies pay her to help them keep their brands relevant. In the last few months alone, Teresa has increased profits from Sunset Waters, Good Vibe Medical, Caso Boutique and Ryl Tea.

But also, I need this bag. Call me, yoga pants and snack companies.

Finally, other networks are also profiting from Teresa

On Bravo, Teresa is a household name. Soon she will be heading to E!, where she will star in season 2 of House of Villains. In addition to these screenings, Teresa has also filmed for Dancing with the Stars and Celebrity Apprentice. She even appeared in a Super Bowl commercial for Saba, and she starred in Fuhgeddabout Christmas, a movie on VH1.

Needless to say, Teresa is making up for lost time, collecting the pieces with every step she takes. As long as she doesn’t continue to over-win her storylines, her bank accounts will continue to thrive.


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