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Temu, Microsoft’s Copilot AI app, tops the charts after Super Bowl ads

Two relatively new apps, Microsoft’s Temu and Copilot, topped the download charts after their Super Bowl ads aired Sunday in some of the hottest commercials on television.

Microsoft’s Copilot, an artificial intelligence chatbot, launched a year ago, and Temu, an e-commerce marketplace with incredibly low prices, launched in September 2022.

On Monday, on the Apple App Store, the three most downloaded free apps were Paramount+, Copilot and Temu. All three companies advertised during the Super Bowl, and Paramount+ was also used to stream the event, contributing to its rise to the top of the rankings. On Google Play, where Android users can download apps, Temu is the sixth most popular app.

Super Bowl ads have always had the potential to make a big impact, for both well-known and emerging brands. Over the past few years, trendy innovations like cryptocurrency (which dominated 2022 Super Bowl ads, only to nearly disappear in 2023 and 2024 ads) have played a major role in the ad spending frenzy. . In 2024, AI tools like Copilot and e-commerce giants like Temu have taken center stage.

Temu had a Super Bowl commercial in 2023, but this year the Chinese company aired four identical commercials with a jingle and the slogan “Shop like a billionaire” along with $15 million in giveaways.

The ads struck a chord on social media, with several viral posts mocking Temu’s cheap deals and apparent ability to afford so much advertising.

Temu has seen tremendous growth since entering the US market in September 2022, and the four Super Bowl 2024 commercials appear to have paid off.

Mobile intelligence company Apptopia’s vice president of research, Tom Grant, told NBC News in a statement Monday that Temu’s app downloads were up 34% on Super Bowl Sunday compared to the day before. , which represented Temu’s fastest daily growth since November.

“Temu continues to eclipse the competition in ad spend and new user additions,” Grant said, also noting that downloads of the Temu app were still down 13% from the Super Bowl of l ‘last year.

Market research firm Sensor Tower said on Monday that Temu’s advertising spending had driven its huge growth in less than two years. In 2023, Temu was the #1 most downloaded app in the United States and the eighth most downloaded app in the world.

“Temu has completely captivated consumers over the last year,” Sensor Tower said in a statement. Temu’s popularity has grown alongside its heavy advertising spending on social media platforms like Facebook, where it spent more than any other retailer outside of Amazon in the final months of 2023, Sensor Tower said.

Ad spending was reflected in the time users spent on Temu during the same period, according to Sensor Tower, which found that users spent an average of 23 minutes per week there at the end of 2023, compared to Amazon’s 18 minutes and 14 minutes per week. minutes to Walmart.

Temu’s appeal comes from even lower prices than Amazon’s for goods often delivered directly from manufacturers in China. The app also used a gamified design approach, with integrated games offering discounted rewards and countdown timers.

Temu’s success was so rapid and intense that other e-commerce platforms said it affected them. After Jane.com, a US e-commerce platform aimed at small businesses, closed in late 2023, the company’s bankruptcy documents said it was impossible to compete with Temu’s low prices.

Temu’s success has also raised some concerns. A TikTok creator who touted Temu’s shipping and deals told NBC News in June that viewers were concerned about the labor conditions behind the cheap products and the environmental impact of creation and shipping so many products.

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