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Teddi Mellencamp posts new photos of her back after melanoma surgery

Teddi Mellencamp has given a revealing look at the aftermath of her latest operation for melanoma on her back while urging everyone to get their skin checked.

“I promise you don’t want to go through this,” she wrote on Instagram on Dec. 27.

The former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star and wellness coach has undergone several surgeries since being diagnosed with stage 2 melanoma in October 2022.

Warning: some of the images below may be disturbing.

She shared a photo of herself giving a thumbs up from her bed after undergoing what she says was a “wide excision melanoma, reconstruction of a soft tissue defect with rearrangement of adjacent tissues.”

“They basically cut out my shoulder area and replaced it with a flap of skin below my back,” she wrote. “But the pain and discomfort are worth it.”

Mellencamp shared a look at her back before her latest procedure to treat her melanoma.@teddimellencamp via Instagram

In an Instagram slide, she shared a photo of the upper area of ​​her back, on the right side, showing scars from previous surgeries and surgeon’s marks before the procedure.

“It’s quite painful, but I’m very grateful that they did such a good job,” she said in an Instagram video from her hospital bed.

“Whew, the skin on my back is tight. I’m struggling, but I hope they have it all figured out,” she added.

Melanoma is “the most serious type of skin cancer,” according to the Mayo Clinic, but it can be treated successfully if detected early enough.

Mellencamp, 42, also shared a raw look on her Instagram Story at the Z-shaped scar on her back after the procedure.

Mellencamp took a look at his post-surgery scars. @teddimellencamp via Instagram

Mellencamp’s husband, Edwin Arroyave, sent her a heartfelt message on Instagram before her surgery.

“As Teddi undergoes the biggest surgery of her melanoma journey today, I just wanted to share how her absolute strength through it all has been nothing short of incredible,” he wrote. “I know this battle is about to be won, and I can’t wait to see how she continues to impact every person around her. I love you, Mom.”

Her latest surgery came after she said earlier in December that a type of immunotherapy cream she was using to treat her melanoma was not working.

After her initial diagnosis in 2022, she underwent a wide excision to remove the melanoma and lymph nodes for additional biopsies. She also shared that she often avoids using sunscreen and only does skin checks after age 40.

His sister noted in a post Mellencamp shared on his Instagram Story that this latest procedure was the 15th surgery Mellencamp has undergone for his melanoma.

Mellencamp also expressed gratitude for all the support during his ordeal.

“The outpouring of love and prayers in the comments and DMs has left me speechless (which is hard),” she wrote on Instagram. “I wish I could respond to everyone, but please know that I will be forever grateful.”

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