TechCrunch Minute: AT&T data breach prompts millions of passcodes to be reset

Death, taxes and regular, terrifying cybersecurity leaks. These are the facts of life, as the latest AT&T data breach teaches us once again. A TechCrunch investigation into the US telecommunications giant’s customer data leaks has led AT&T to reset some customer account access codes to prevent them from being at risk.

The root of the security breach is massive, and the AT&T data breach included a leak of a dataset relating to over seventy million former and current AT&T account holders. Only a fraction is still current, but the scale of the leaked data set that TechCrunch delved into makes it clear that despite enormous amounts of work and investment, there is still regular, exploitable and dangerous data for consumers.

While it’s great to doff our caps to TechCrunch’s team of cybersecurity journalists – the doomers’ desk, if you will – it would be better if they had a little less to report on, instead of fire hacks, leaks and compromises they discover. and write daily. Press play, let’s talk.


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