Taylor Swift Mocks ‘Boy on Football Team’ Lyrics, Debuts ‘Prophecy’

Taylor Swift got a little laugh with the crowd in Lyon, France, when she sang lyrics about being destined to do “bigger things” than dating a football player, taken from her song “Fifteen”. The track was written while she was still a teenager and originally released in 2008.

Swift performed a piano mashup of the classic Intrepid track with the most recent “You’re on Your Own, Kid”, from 2022 Midnights, during the acoustic section of his concert on Sunday evening (June 2). This is the part of the show where Swift changes the set list each date.

On Sunday, when Swift reached the part of “Fifteen” where she looks back on her high school years from the perspective of someone who lived through them, fans reacted noticeably to her choice to sing “in your life, you will “Greater things than hanging out with the kid on the football team.” right away — since the pop star enjoyed a high-profile relationship with NFL player Travis Kelce, a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Swift accepted the backlash with a quick smile and laugh on Sunday.

She found humor in the “boy from the football team” right after the evening’s surprise guitar performance, during which “The Prophecy” made its live debut. The song — found on The Department of Tortured Poets: The Anthology – is an emotionally charged question that has taken an interesting turn with the prospect of AlwaysSwift’s “Long Story Short”, with Swift mixing her writings in a mash-up of the two works.

“Some nights, like tonight, I try to play a song that I’ve never played live before,” said the Tortured poets the singer-songwriter announced before “The Prophecy.” (Swift remains at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart with Poetsspending six consecutive weeks in first place so far.)

“I looked up to the sky and said, please/ I’m on my knees/ Change the prophecy/ I don’t want money/ Just someone who wants my company/ Let it be me once/Who should I talk to/And if they can do it again/The prophecy? Swift sings in the chorus of “The Prophecy.”

In “Long Story Short,” she says to herself, “Pass me by, I want to tell you not to get lost in these little things/ Your enemies will fight before you have a chance to swing/ And he passes by there, rare as the glow of a comet in the sky/ And he feels at home/ If the shoe fits, walk in it wherever you go.

Watch clips from Sunday night’s surprise song performances below. Find the full list of songs played during the acoustic section of The Eras Tour here.

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