Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on Republicans rallying around Trump during his trial


And this is very similar to the language that many Republicans, including Mike Pence, landed on after the 2020 election and before January 6, where they didn’t want to go as far as Trump and say the election was stolen . , but they wanted to say, well, you should think about it.

And what they’re saying here is that we will support the results if the election is fair.

But it’s worth noting that former President Trump actually only thinks an election is fair if he wins. And I’ll just remind you that after 2016, he won, and then he claimed that there had been an election – that there had been voter fraud in California and New Hampshire because he didn’t had not won these states.

He is therefore someone who has a long proven track record of rejecting electoral results. And now there are Republicans, traditional Republicans, who are creating a sort of permission structure, saying if it’s right, then maybe I’ll support the results. They are not willing to commit in advance.

And that creates a permission structure for traditional Republican voters to say, Well, if they’re OK with this, then I can OK with that.

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