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Takeaways from the Baltimore Ravens’ 2024 schedule release


Speaking of prime time games, hosting a game on Christmas Day for the second year in a row is unusual. Have it on a Wednesday makes it even rarer.

This will be the fourth time in Ravens history that they will play on Christmas. Only two teams, the Chiefs and the Dallas Cowboys, will have played more Christmas games.

Thursday matches are already difficult on the players’ bodies with a short recovery time. This Wednesday game isn’t any more difficult since the league gave the Ravens a Saturday game (against the Steelers) the week before, so there are still four days in between, like a typical Sunday-Thursday flip. But that means consecutive weeks of short rest and, as noted above, three games in 10 days.

The Ravens’ opponent, the Texans, will have the same disadvantage. So will the rival Chiefs and Steelers, who are playing in the other Christmas game.

Some fans may like to add even more spice to the holiday. Others, especially those who don’t subscribe to Netflix, won’t like this.

What makes you feel better is that the Ravens won in San Francisco on Christmas last year, making it a joyous holiday. The Ravens and fans are hoping to get the same result against a tough opponent that Baltimore defeated in last year’s divisional playoffs.

PS – It is surprising that the HarBowl between the Ravens and Chargers is not taking place on Thanksgiving or Christmas. It seemed like child’s play. Instead, a Harbaugh brother will have bragging rights at the Thanksgiving table three days after playing. John is 2-0, including Super Bowl XLVII.

News Source : www.baltimoreravens.com
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