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Symbolic suspension of firefighters reluctant to compulsory vaccination (VIDEO) – RT in French

An action was organized on September 15 in front of the Strasbourg prefecture during which a speaker in a firefighter’s uniform proceeded to the symbolic suspension of fire fighters refusing the vaccine obligation against Covid-19.

As evidenced by several videos broadcast live on September 15 on the social network Facebook – in particular by the Inter QG yellow vests of the lower Rhine page – the forecourt of the prefecture of Strasbourg was the scene of an action staging the suspension of firefighters who refused to submit to the vaccine obligation against Covid-19.

Mister President […] you tore our hearts

“We are men and women of value, we have put our lives at the service of the common good, of France and of the French. We are men and women of honor but we are not your servants […]. Mr. President, by the vaccination obligation that you have set up, without worrying [de] bring about the ruin of our families, you have torn our hearts, ”explains a man in a fireman’s uniform in the preamble.

“Today, 20 firefighters, as responsible people, will remove their helmets, [pour] symbol[iser] their suspension […] Deprived of their passion, their raison d’être, their commitment to save at the risk of their lives, ladies and gentlemen firefighters, to you and long live France ”, he continues before proceeding to list the suspensions in question. . The firefighters, in uniform, then put down their helmets on the ground before leaving the scene.

The action was widely applauded by the few dozen people attending. The vaccine obligation against Covid-19 came into force on the same day for 2.7 million professionals: hospitals, retirement homes, private caregivers, home helpers, firefighters, ambulance attendants.