Supervive will be “more willing to experiment” than League of Legends

While League of Legends will always be the game I default to, I can’t deny that I don’t like its lack of flexibility. New modes like Arenas and the upcoming Swarm definitely combat this feeling of repetition, but ultimately I find my Summoner’s Rift games blend into a mix of blue, green, brown, and swearing. What attracts me to Survivethe new MOBA from Theorycraft Games, is this feeling of diversity: no two matches are the same. Since much of the team is made up of former Rioters (you’ll probably recognize CEO Joe “New001” Tung as League’s former executive vice president), I asked executive producer Jessica Nam (former executive producer and vice president of LoL) what lessons the team learned from League, and how they are implemented in Supervive.

Supervive is, after all, a strange MOBA mashup of Apex Legends, League of Legends, and Super Smash Bros. I’m certainly sold after trying it out early last month, but what drew me to the project in the first place was the caliber of talent behind it. Tung, in addition to working on League of Legends, was the executive producer on Halo Reach and the original Destiny, and he and Nam together led Riot through what many consider to be LoL’s best years.

But Supervive isn’t just a League of Legends clone: ​​it’s a whole different beast. When I ask her what lessons the team learned from their League of Legends experience and how they are implemented in Supervive, she tells me that while the live service experience has been key, the plan is to be a little more “willing to experiment” than the competition.

Supervive will be “more willing to experiment” than League of Legends

“I’ll start by saying that keeping a game live and evolving for over a decade is an incredible achievement,” she told me. “I learned a lot from being part of this experience and having the opportunity to iterate the game every day with the players. And I think it will be that connection and dialogue and relationship with players that will be at the heart of any game we develop here at Theorycraft. »

“On the other hand, what I’m looking forward to is that Supervive does things differently, which is that it’s more willing to experiment and have systems that allow us to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Sometimes when you’re working on a live service game for so long, it’s easy to internalize all sorts of rules about how the game works. should be played with, which can make designers much more conservative over time.

“As a chaotic battle royale, Supervive naturally views adaptation as a point of mastery, but we’re taking it a step further with things like Storm Changes, which allow us to experiment with spicy game modifiers without destabilizing the game basic. And finally, thanks to our game tests
approach, we’re much more willing to release stuff to see what works. Overall, I hope to always try hard to make Supervive the best version of itself, year after year.

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I’ve been playing League for (redacted) years, and while I love it, I’m missing the spark that made modes like Butcher’s Bridge, Twisted Treeline, and Odyssey so great. While League of Legends Swarm is certainly the biggest change we’ve seen to the summer event format in a while, Summoner’s Rift is still Summoner’s Rift – these huge Season 14 changes are now just one background noise. Supervive seems to be constantly evolving, and it’s this fearless experimentation that appeals to me.

If you’re intrigued by Theorycraft’s first adventure, a brand new public beta test of Supervive will take place from Thursday, June 27 to Thursday, July 4.. You can see all the details here – but be aware that places are limited.

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